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See how the surrounding areas of the video (in landscape mode) are automatically

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See how the surrounding areas of the video (in landscape mode) are automatically

See how the surrounding areas of the video (in landscape mode) are automatically matched to the colors of the video, when we place them in landscape format? In Shot uses the “Blurred background” feature. The same thing happens if we put it in square format: This means that you can quickly convert Instagram Stories videos to another size without having to worry about creating a new background. In short, you avoid the “annoying big black bands” that appear when the size of the original video does not match the new size. You can also choose other background colors or patterns. You can even change the intensity so that the blur is subtle or more obvious: In summary,

App has a few features that Egypt Phone Numbers List will love: You can edit videos (and photos) quickly and easily on your phone – trim, remove sections, adjust speed and even merge videos and images! It even lets you sync audio and video for detailed editing (not bad for a smartphone app). As above, you can blur the border of photos and videos to make any video “ready” for the specifications of the platform you are working with. Convert your Instagram stories to other video formats in the blink of an eye. You can add musical effects and voiceovers. There are a lot of funny sound effects, but you can also add your own music via mp3 files.

The same thing happens if we put it in square format:

You can add text to photos and videos using basic fonts and add filters. You can also add emojis on photos and videos. You can zoom in and zoom out the video on your phone screen. You can share on all the usual social platforms (in high resolution) With the free app you get a range of funny (animated) stickers or you can buy in-app sticker packs: Instagram Stories To Preview for Instagram Preview for Instagram is a complete Instagram management solution. You can create your Instagram posts and stories there while viewing the statistics of your previous publications. It includes an analysis tool allowing you to improve the performance of your publications.


Buffer is a community management solution that offers an online tool specially dedicated to the creation and planning of Instagram posts and stories. This tool can be used on both computers and smartphones. You can create personalized stories by importing your images, and adding the drawings and texts of your choice. You will also have access to some predefined templates to help you design your stories more easily. Create and publish your stories from a complete community management solution Preview your Instagram stories before posting Schedule the publication of your stories Harmonize your Instagram profile with your own graphic charter Discover Buffer Stories Creator

This tool can be used on both computers and smartphones.

Add, delete text, resize … With these tools, you can almost do what you want with your photos or videos for Instagram stories. And you, what tools do you use for your stories? Did you find any new ones in this article? Tell us all in a quick comment below. ​When you search for training on Preply, you have direct access to a list of competent tutors in the subject you are looking for. In this list you will directly see the skills of the trainers, their photos if they have included one, their prices, their availability, their short descriptions, and especially the number of students and courses already given, as well as the overall score. assigned to each tutor by their students. for small and medium-sized businesses (TPE & PME).

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