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Sales funnel, the implementation of your content marketing strategy

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Sales funnel, the implementation of your content marketing strategy

In a society as competitive as the one we are living in today, companies have to look for attractive alternatives to get users to notice our products and / or services.The funnels help you understand your potential customers , so you can implement your strategy content USA Phone Number List in an orderly and efficient manner.Today I want to talk to you about the sales funnel, a marketing strategy with which you can get the attention of users who visit your website, guiding them on the path to buying your products and / or services .We will also see some key concepts that will help you create a much more suitable funnel for your company, and we will also analyze the 3 phases that make up the much-needed sales funnel.The sales funnel, or conversion funnel, is a marketing strategy with which you can guide your potential customers on the path to buying your products and / or services after observing their behavior and interaction with your brand.You already know that the customer journey is the set of experiences that a user goes through, from when they come into contact with your brand until they become a customer of the company.You can design this whole process thanks to the phases that make up the conversion funnel , and which we will see right away. One of the main advantages of this fantastic marketing tool is that you can rate and segment users, based on their willingness to continue on the road to purchase, or not.Why should you create a conversion funnel in your company?You may be thinking that your company does not need any funnel because you have already created your sales system, and it is working for you.However, beyond creating an automated system that will help you increase the sales of your company, a conversion funnel brings you a series of benefits that you should take into account:You will be able to know your potential clients better : there is nothing better for any company than to know its clients well. This helps you to better detect their needs, adapting your products and / or services to them.In addition, as the sales funnel is defined according to the stages a customer goes through on their way to purchase, you can know even better the expectations they have in each one of them.You increase the productivity of the company : on the one hand, you are reducing costs by knowing how much investment you need in each phase of the funnel; You no longer go blindly to estimate the amount to invest.On the other hand, the user feels accompanied during the purchase process of your products and / or services. This builds more trust and increases the chances of becoming a customer.

You strengthen your sales team : the sales funnel itself serves as a cohesion model between the different people that make up the sales team. And is that by being all informed of the sales loyalty process, the team is strengthened by improving productivity and work performance.Knowing Your Target In The Sales Funnel2 concepts that you must define well before creating your sales funnel One of the most frequent mistakes that many companies make is to start creating their marketing strategies, without prior knowledge of the 2 essential concepts to achieve success .Let’s see each of them in detail.You already know that the conversion funnel tries to offer a personalized experience to users. In order to transmit the best experiences, you have to know your customers better than yourself .Your content marketing strategy, which you are going to develop in the different stages of the funnel, has to be a conversation that you have with the users who read your website. You need to know how to detect their needs to earn their trust and turn them into customers who consume your products and / or services.In addition, the marketing we know today focuses all its efforts on the different segmentations that we make of customers. Those campaigns where the protagonist was the product are too far away.Therefore, you must create your entire marketing strategy, and your inbound marketing funnel , around the company’s potential customers.Have you ever wondered what makes you different from your competition? Surely you have already worked to define your unique value proposition.Users who visit your website and enter the sales funnel need to know why your company is the best option they have when buying those products and / or services you offer, just as they can find on any other website.You must work a lot on this part; tell your readers why you are their best option. Tell them about the benefits they get from buying your products and / or services. Create your offers with a good previous research work (analyze your sector, know your competitors well and what their strategies are, etc.).Before talking to you about the phases that make up the conversion funnels, I want to talk to you about the customer funnel. And it is that all the people go through a process from when we detect that we have a need until we make the decision to buy; and this is the buyer’s journey.Your potential customers also go through these 3 stages:Phase 1 Discovery : the user has realized that they have a need. You are looking for the different options that can answer you, but you have not found anything yet. It is that moment when you are scouring the internet for solutions.Phase 2 Consideration : at this moment, the client has already found an answer to their need, and is on your page. Now you need to confirm that your products and / or services meet the needs you have.Phase 3 Decision : the user here is already very clear that your product and / or service will solve their need, but they still have any doubts about buying.Faced with these 3 scenarios, you must have the ability to know how to detect when your potential customer is, and thus give them the answer they need with your content marketing strategy.

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And this is how you take him through the conversion funnel.As we have seen in the previous section, depending on when your potential customer is, the sales funnel is also made up of 3 stages where the type of content and the way to capture their attention is different .Let’s see these 3 phases in detail.We are at the beginning of the sales funnel, that is, the widest part of the symbolic funnel. This occurs when users arrive at your website.Here you must make the first filter and stay with those who are interested in your brand. A good strategy is to convert that visitor traffic into subscribers on your website.But for this, you have to introduce yourself, let them know you, and the best way is to create content that helps your readers identify their needs . Remember that they are in the Discovery phase; give them an answer to their concerns.Do not talk about your products and / or services; here you have to treat the pain points of the users, who feel identified with what you say. Thus, you arouse their interest and get them to subscribe to your website.The use of a lead magnet is very effective to filter the users who have entered your website to browse, from which they can become potential customers starting with that subscription to your website.Phase 2 of the sales funnel includes all users who are already subscribers to your website. Now you have to know them and understand what phase of your funnel they are in . Remember that your goal is to convert those leads into customers.Use their email to share content and ask questions, for example. One strategy that works very well is auto responders; with them you get answers that show you the behavior of users.In this way, you can make segmentations to continue working on the progress of the purchase journey. This process of knowing your readers is what is called lead scoring .Once you have segmented your community of followers, it is time to know the distance that separates them from making a purchase on your website. You should measure this distance, or lead temperature, like this:Cold lead : still in the first phase of the funnel. You have to continue working on the informative and presentation content for it to move forward. One tip, send him generic information and analyze which one he prefers, which one he interacts with the most, etc.Tempered lead : this is the most common case of a subscriber who has recently arrived in your community and reads everything you send them. It does this because it is collecting information about you and your company. Their need is not yet awake, so you have to work on it.Hot lead : these subscribers are already clear about what they need, but you have to give them a push so that they are encouraged to buy. Invite them to have a 1-to-1 session with you, send them a free trial, etc.Very hot lead : it is the subscriber who asks you for information about your product directly. Here you must work two important barriers; On the one hand, you have to convince him of how you work and, on the other, the price.This is the sell phase of the funnel. Here you can no longer include informative content, they must be 100% focused on the sale .Take advantage of this phase of the conversion funnel to send potential customers information about your products and / or services. Share success stories and use communication to counter all the objections that they may put you.You must explain the sales process very clearly and transparently . You cannot leave any relevant data to count; think that the customer needs to know how, in how long or through whom they will receive your product. And if you offer services, you have to know in how many sessions it will be complete, how you will do it, etc.Nobody likes to be sold anything; therefore, a good sales funnel manages to attract the user’s attention without forcing anything . You are only showing him the path to follow until he becomes a customer of your company.Be careful, don’t confuse a conversion funnel with USA Phone Number List funnels. The latter include all the marketing and advertising actions that you can carry out to attract users to your website, convert them into leads and help them continue through the funnel with concrete actions.By the way, did you know that you can make a conversion funnel in Google Analytics? It’s a free and easy way to create this much-needed marketing strategy.Have you created the conversion funnel in your company? Have you noticed an increase in your sales? Tell us in comments, we will love to read you.

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