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Questions to ask yourself when choosing your cyber insurance

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Questions to ask yourself when choosing your cyber insurance

Investigation costs, cyber-extortion, GDPR-related costs or even business interruption, it is better to have insurance on your side to avoid even greater Questions to ask yourself damage. Emergency costs, damage to your data or to the security of your computer system are also covered thanks to the civil liability guarantee. There is also cyber resilience which helps policyholders understand cyber threats. A known threat is a threat that is more easily detectable and fixable. assurup To see more clearly in the guarantees offered by cyber insurance, let’s take a concrete case. So let’s take a look at Assurup, “professional insurance that makes your life easier” . According to them, the changeover took place during the first confinement and the generalization of teleworking.

This emergency change Tunisia Phone Number List  loopholes in the security system of most of the equipment used by employees. To stem these attacks, there is cyber risk insurance offered by Assurup, which covers all new computer threats: Phishing: it is a deceptive technique with the aim of extracting personal information from Internet users. Theft of your customers’ data, Ransomware: These are malicious software that blocks your data, files, content on your computer and demands a ransom in order to be able to recover them. DDOS attack (denial of service): this is an attack that will make it impossible to use a specific service. Defacement:

To see more clearly in the guarantees offered by cyber insurance,

it is a direct attack on your website to change the content but also the overall appearance. Like a lot of cyber insurance, Assurup guarantees the financial security of your company but also its e-reputation. Questions to ask yourself when choosing your cyber insurance As you read this article, you will begin to understand why it is more important than ever to purchase cyber insurance. But, given that more and more “classic” insurances offer the subscription to cyber insurance, how do I know if it is compatible with my use? How do I know if the coverage offered is sufficient for all of my company’s IT systems? By asking yourself the right questions, quite simply:


Does cyber insurance only offer an extension of an already existing policy? Or is it one or more policies dedicated to cyber attacks? A dedicated font is very often of better quality, so think about it! What are the deductibles? Before finalizing your choice, make a complete comparison of the different cyber insurance deductibles. As you would with your home or auto insurance, this step should become a reflex. Do you work with some third party service providers? Do they have cyber insurance? Does this affect your contract? Find out about the coverage offered and its limitations. Does the insurance policy only cover attacks targeted at a business? Or does it cover all the attacks that have occurred?

Before finalizing your choice, make a complete comparison of the different cyber insurance deductibles

Does the insurance policy cover human errors? From time to time, some employees perform non-malicious but dangerous manipulations that can jeopardize the security of your data. Double check this before committing. Does cyber insurance also cover psychological manipulation for the purpose of fraud also known as social engineering? It is not uncommon to find insurance companies offering such a checklist so that you can compare them to their competitors. Make your own list and complete it with this checklist before you go any further in your research. How much does cyber insurance cost? Again, there is no precise answer to this question.

The price of cyber insurance will largely depend on the size of your business and the level of coverage you want. For example, if you’re a small business that doesn’t have a lot of data and has a fairly low risk of an attack, it could cost you around $ 250 per year. A price that should convince you immediately! If, on the contrary, you have a lot of data while remaining a small company, count, on average, 2000 € for maximum guarantees going to more than 500 000 €. Beyond that, count between 3000 and 5000 € per year with guarantee ceilings of several million euros.

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