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Push notifications on your WEB, an instant way to communicate with your followers

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Push notifications on your WEB, an instant way to communicate with your followers

They were created to send a notification to people who had their mobile phone locked. And their evolution has led us to use them as a very useful tool in the application of digital marketing strategies .Today I want to talk to you about push notifications on your website, a way to get followers to whom you can send messages that they will see in their browser.I will tell you about the advantages of its activation, as well as everything you need to know to decide if you will also include these notifications on your website. And we will also see some applications from where you can configure and send the messages.What are push notifications on your website?Web Push notifications are quick messages that you can send to people who have registered on your website when they have visited it. They have nothing to do with the subscription that users make when they provide you with their South Korea Phone Number List and from here you develop the email marketing strategies you want, or send them a newsletter with certain periodicity.The delivery is instantaneous and the recipient receives the message in their web browser . Without a doubt, it is a way to send news, offers and any communication very fast and concrete. In addition, this marketing strategy is increasingly present on many web pages that invite all the people who visit them to activate push notifications without having to go through the entire registration process.Beyond sending alerts, as the use of push notifications was initially intended, today this way of communicating with your followers has been transferred to content marketing .It is common to use push notifications to inform users of the publication of new content on the blog, the flash launch of a new product or to report an offer.The advantages that these notifications provide for your website are many, I detail them below:The impact rate is high : the message you send appears on the screen of the user’s device as soon as they open their browser.The message is read by all users because it bursts onto their screen, and also has a limit of 100 characters for the body of the text and 40 for the title; they can read it at a glance.Recipients do not need to install any software on their devices in order to receive your messages. And it is that web push notifications are a native function of browsers.You get a high click-through rate . The tools for creating these messages allow you to include a URL to direct traffic to where you want. Create a message that arouses the user’s curiosity and you will get a large number of them to click on the link.The cost is very low : the investment of push notifications on your website is between an SMS and an email.Subscription for the user is as simple as clicking on the Accept button when the window appears asking if you want to subscribe. This advantage is very important because you are not forcing the user to leave their data, name and email address with you. In this way, many people will accept this subscription to your website. Who knows, even with a persuasive message and as he gets to know you, decides to become part of your community of followers.You do not need to manage the usual data processing. When a user activates web push notifications, as he is not leaving you any sensitive data, you do not need to activate the entire RGPD protocol . This is also an interesting advantage; When you send the messages through the notifications, it is not necessary for you to remind him that he received the message because he subscribed to your website, etc.Push notifications Are they suitable for all companies?As you can see, push notifications on your website have a large number of advantages that can lead to an increase in traffic, sales or whatever strategy you implement using this fantastic tool.

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However, before making the decision to start using these notifications on your website, it is important that you take into account some disadvantages that this way of marketing can pose for you.Remember that subscribing to your website gives you much more play with better opportunities to launch very effective marketing campaigns . Before taking action, analyze the scope and strategy that best suits you with the implementation of web push notifications, without minimizing subscriptions.You do not know the users who have subscribed : the applications where you can manage your push notifications do not allow you to export or process the data of the people who have agreed to receive them.In fact, when you enter the database you can only see an encoding of numbers and letters corresponding to each registered user.Yes, you will be able to do a user segmentation, but only based on the criteria specified by the tool you use; for example, some applications allow you to segment by time zone, device to which you want to send the messages and also the language.The messages you send are intrusive . It is true that the user agrees to receive these push notifications the moment he clicks the Accept button, but improper use with bulk messaging can damage your brand image.
It is good that before implementing this action in your Aol Email List , you analyze the strategy you want to carry out with these messages, their frequency, what you want to communicate, etc.Using web push notifications appropriately can be an ideal complement to the success of many digital marketing strategies. You already know that there is nothing better than knowing your customers well to be able to offer them what they need, and achieve the connection point that will improve your sales ratios .Here are 3 examples of how you can use this very direct way to communicate with your followers:Announce offers with special promotions : You can announce a discount that will be activated within 15 minutes giving you the opportunity to buy before everyone knows it. Also, you can launch a promotion with very succulent conditions and a minimum duration in time.Attract traffic to your website when you publish content on your blog : it is a way to get your posts to be read quickly.Send reminders for any marketing action you are going to carry out. For example, a webinar or a direct on your social networks. How can you activate push notifications on your website?
Creating and activating web push notifications is very simple. Your web developer has to design the notification system using the APIs of the different browsers.There is also the possibility of helping you with specific applications for this management . In this case, you have to create an account, include an HTML code on the web and manage notifications from the control panel of the app itself.Here are some push notification management tools that can help you:One Signal : it is a plugin for WordPress with which you can create text messages and images. You can also configure several platforms in addition to Web Push. Foxpush : this application allows you to create personalized plans based on your needs. In its free version you can make segmentation of the targets or schedule notifications by RSS, among many other steps that I invite you to know. Send Pulse : this tool is so versatile that it adapts the prices to the configuration that you request. Besides sending web push notifications, you can send SMS, transactional mail and Viber. Managing push notifications on your website is very simple. The most important thing is that you are clear about the strategy you want to implement and use the messages effectively, arousing the maximum curiosity in your subscribers.Here’s another way to instantly communicate with your followers. Push notifications on your website help you launch quick messages with very precise and specific information .Do you use web push notifications in your company?

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