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Profiles, votes, likes, views, RT’s: many false to win contests on Social Networks

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Profiles, votes, likes, views, RT’s: many false to win contests on Social Networks

The other day, a person on Twitter asked me how he could identify if a participant had bought likes in the contest he had organized. From what I see, this is becoming a very common problem in promotions or contests held on social networks where some participants buy Luxembourg Phone Number List votes, likes, RT, views or to the degree of creating several profiles to have a better chance of winning than people who they participate honestly, using only one profile.

On the Internet we can find countless sites that sell likes, votes, views, but I would not like to mention them so as not to encourage fraud, but I should mention that prices range from $ 15 USD for 250 likes to $ 299 USD for 20,000 likes On Instagram. I leave some of the images that I found with the prices of these services.

Here are some tips to avoid this type of participant:

The first thing that must be done is to structure our promotion or contest well, that the bases and conditions do not have gaps or generate doubts Phone Number List. In this case, I recommend that before they publish it they show it to someone who knows well about these mechanics to see if they detect anything out of the ordinary.

Do not use or run contests directly on the Facebook wall or in the photos, since it is the first place where you can apply the purchase of likes. Before it was prohibited by Facebook and in mid-September it opened this option, but like everything, it has its conditions. Check them out.

Preferably, use one of the platforms that are programmed to avoid fraud such as: Easy Promo, Halalati, Cooltabs, Tri social, to name a few. Several of them already have the option to carry out promotions on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

If you decide to make your own app or development, a key piece of information to detect fraud is to register the IP address where the votes were cast to each participant. This is useful to verify that the votes come from different devices or teams or to detect if the votes come from countries far away from the promotion. For example, if the promotion is for Mexico, it would be very strange if the votes are from people from Pakistan or China, who believe it or not, there are many cases. A user with this type of vote is undoubtedly a suspicious participant and, most likely, it is bought by someone.

If the idea is a type of artistic or creative contest and you want to use Instagram or Facebook, I recommend that the winner is not chosen by the number of votes received. The most convenient thing is that in your mechanics you stipulate that the 10 with the most number of votes will be the finalists and that a jury -control resource- will decide which will be the winner, with this, you will have the option to detect if any buyer of votes or likes.

To avoid prize hunters, it is advisable to put within your contest rules that the person who has already won in a previous promotion of the same product, will not be able to participate in a period X of time. To have control of this, use a database or a simple Excel and always save as much data as possible about the winners – at the agency, we even ask for a copy of their IFE and we take a photo of them with the prize, this is obvious stipulated in the bases to be able to participate- so that in your next action you can identify them.

If you are not sure how to control a promotion or you do not have the tools to count and verify the authenticity of the participants, better not try it. You may be hanging yourself and putting your prestige at risk and also, and the most serious thing, is that you will be throwing away the client’s money. Better rethink the dynamics.

What other actions have you used and were effective to protect yourself and avoid abusive users and prize hunters? It is important to share to learn and not make the same mistakes that others have already experienced.

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