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Preply – Our opinion on the online private lessons platform

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Preply – Our opinion on the online private lessons platform

The little extra on the profile is Preply – Our opinion on you have the possibility to watch a presentation video shot by each  teacher. This video allows you to see and listen to your potential tutor, and to get a first idea of ​​your capacities to follow his lessons. First contact with a potential teacher Before embarking on the first trial lesson with a tutor, you have the option of interacting with him via the “contact” tab. You can therefore start a private discussion, in order to clarify the details of your training, and to make sure that the teacher will be able to respond favorably to your expectations.

To choose your SEO training Costa Rica Phone Numbers List , discover our dedicated article which is full of good advice. Limit on the number of French-speaking trainers available for certain subjects Inability to have the training covered by the CPF (personal training account) if you benefit from it Preply is therefore a very good platform to find the training that best suits your expectations in just a few minutes. However, it still has some limits of choice among French-speaking trainers in matters other than foreign languages.

Preply, a new kind of private lessons platform

Price : For 20 to 50 € / month, we can have quite correct configs. Maintenance : you have to take care of updates, backups, etc. Few guarantees : the level of commitment of the hosts is often quite low. Dedicated hosting It is the high-end and traditional approach. In this model, you have your own machine, just for you. Performance level, you are sure to be the only one to benefit from the resources at your disposal, and I assure you that there is a big difference compared to a shared web hosting. In terms of maintenance, there is also a big difference: you have to do everything yourself, monitor the consumption of resources, make updates at all levels, install security patches, protect yourself from DDoS attacks, etc.


The cost of a dedicated server obviously varies a lot depending on the performance of the machine, it can range from 50 to 8000 € / month. For 50 € / month, we can already have a decent dedicated, with performance much higher than what you will have in shared. But make no mistake, the main expense when choosing the dedicated hosting option is not the rental of the server, but the time spent or the budget to maintain it, which is called outsourcing. You can outsource the outsourcing of your dedicated server, it takes at least 100-200 € / month, and at this price, the contractual commitment on availability (= SLA, or Service Level Agreement ) must be very light.

How does the connection between students and teachers work on Preply?

Cloud hosting is based like VPS hosting and unlike wordpress hosting on virtualization technologies to create virtual servers. In the case of VPS, we create several virtual servers from a physical server, while in the case of a Cloud offer, we will create the virtual servers from a network of physical servers. useful for hosting an ecommerce site . The main objective is to provide flexibility in the allocation of resources. The physical server network has considerable power, if needed more, but really much more, resources can be dedicated to a virtual server with just a few clicks. The dimensioning capacity, the famous scalability, is almost infinite.

Another advantage is that there is no need for outsourcing, or hardly any. The web host takes care of the maintenance of the physical server network, and virtual servers require relatively little maintenance. Obviously, this comes at a price, and Cloud hosting can be 2 to 3 times more expensive than dedicated hosting for the same computing power. Booking your first training session Once you have chosen your tutor, you will be able to check their availability and book your trial lesson, then go to the rules for this training session in order to book it permanently. All you have to do is wait for the date of your training, then connect by videoconference with your tutor.

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