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Phones, Smartphones and Mobile Devices Conquer Consumers

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Phones, Smartphones and Mobile Devices Conquer Consumers

According to a recent report by ABI Research, the mobile advertising and vietnam phone number  market will reach 1.5 billion dollars in 2016. This remarkable growth is marked by the new habits and trends of new consumers.In this sense, the time that users spend on their mobile devices has had a very important growth in the last two years that is not comparable with any other medium. According to a study presented by eMarketer, users spend 50 minutes a day using their mobile phone compared to 32 minutes in 2008, a figure that equals the time they spend jointly with newspapers and magazines.This places mobile phones in fourth place in a ranking led by television and video in which users spend 4.5 hours a day, the internet that accounts for 2.5 hours a day and radio that consumes 98 minutes of consumers. If the time of consumption continues to grow at least 28%, as it has happened in 2010, it will exceed the radio medium.


Internet companies have long complained that the web does not receive the same percentage of money equivalent to the time that users spend on the Internet. Now, telecommunications companies could start to do the same by asking for more money than newspapers or magazines as users spend more time with their mobile devices. The Aol Email List  study includes in the time of mobile consumption the amount of time the user spends talking as well as the time spent on social media, so it is difficult to determine how much time corresponds to each type of consumption. And all this without considering the changes in the habits of users and consumers that will cause devices such as tablet PCs that begin to flood the market.In the United States, the average time spent watching videos on mobile phones is 3.5 hours per month in an audience of 22 million people, 44% more than the previous year. But, if compared to the 143 hours of television consumption per person per month in an audience of 287 million people, the perspective is different.

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