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Outbound Marketing, the other side of the coin of online advertising

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Outbound Marketing, the other side of the coin of online advertising

The way of advertising in companies has undergone many changes in recent years. The intrusion of companies in the online world has given rise to new challenges and strategies to reach users .Today I want to talk to you about Outbound Marketing, an online advertising strategy that resembles the traditional model, and that companies should not forget when planning their campaigns.We will also see the advantages and disadvantages of implementing this type of strategy, and I will show you some examples where Outbound Marketing works very effectively.What is Outbound Marketing?Outbound Marketing is the set of actions that are part of a strategy for promoting and selling products and / or services to users. It has the particularity that it is carried out through one-way communication; that is, from the Bahrain Phone Number List to the user.The contents that are part of this strategy are short and simple, and they hardly add value to the user.And it is that the techniques developed by Outbound Marketing seek to draw the customer’s attention to the product or service they promote , through the direct sample thereof. In addition, they appear unexpectedly and interrupt other actions.A clear example that can help you better understand the concept is traditional advertising. Advertisements in the media, billboards, direct sales stands, etc. are quite close to Outbound Marketing. Outbound Marketing and Inbound Marketing, are they complementary?We can affirm that the concepts of Inbound and Outbound Marketing are like the two sides of the same coin . Two online advertising techniques that can work very well if you use them in a complementary way.The world of online advertising took an important turn in 2005 , when the HubSpot company created the concept of Inbound Marketing , a way of understanding marketing very different from what we were used to until now.Thanks to this new way of looking at things, Inbound Marketing became a strategy that tries to attract the user by giving them quality content, through which they can live very interesting experiences without being invasive.Faced with this new scenario, the need arose to differentiate this way of doing marketing with the traditional way of how it had been done. And so the concept of Outbound Marketing appeared.In this case, we are facing a more aggressive way of reaching the user; since Outbound Marketing breaks into your life , distracting you from what you are doing. While in Inbound Marketing it is the user himself who approaches the brand.So, are Inbound and Outbound incompatible or are they complementary?Although they are two very different digital marketing strategies , both forms of online advertising can work in a complementary way giving very effective results.For example, you can start the blog on your website offering quality content about the products that your company sells; that is, an Inbound Marketing strategy.And you can also start paid advertising campaigns in the purest traditional style of marketing, for example, including banners through Google Ads.Outbound Marketing Strategy The advantages of implementing an Outbound Marketing strategy in your company Despite the fact that Inbound Marketing can give the impression of being more effective and attractive, a priori, the fact of implementing an Outbound Marketing strategy in your company has advantages that you should not overlook.Let’s see everything good about this traditional marketing strategy brought to the digital world.

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You can surround yourself with great professionals with extensive experience : the traditional sales sector has a lot of advantage over the online world. This translates into a highly qualified sales team , which will achieve great results for your Outbound Marketing strategies.It has a very fast ROI : it is one of the most striking and outstanding advantages of Outbound Marketing. And it is that the implementation of this strategy manages to reach your audience at the moment in which you decide to start prospecting. Inbound Marketing, for its part, takes a lot more time to generate results. Since any SEO strategy that you must implement when you do Inbound, it always takes several weeks to return results.It allows you to measure the results more easily : as a consequence of the previous advantage, and thanks to the rapid reach of Outbound Marketing, you will be able to analyze data such as customer behavior, the message spread and the seasonality of the purchase in a very short time. This will help you achieve good levels of conversion rates , as well as being able to analyze an important sample of data in less time.Outbound Marketing also has disadvantages It is true that an Outbound Marketing strategy returns results much faster than any investment in Inbound. However, before deciding if you are going to implement this type of strategy in your company, I want to talk about two drawbacks that you should know:The cost of acquiring the client is very high : there are three details that you must take into account when preparing your budget for an outbound strategy. Not only does the team of qualified professionals take a significant percentage of the budget; You should also take into account two details that only work while you have them active, the sponsored links and the investment you make in Google Ads. With this I am not saying that an inbound strategy does not have costs, but they are cheaper than in this case. For this reason, when deciding whether your  Aol Email List needs the implementation of advertising campaigns through Outbound Marketing, you must bear in mind that, given the high cost of customer acquisition, it is only profitable for high ticket products and services .You can suffer the rejection of a significant number of potential customers : you cannot forget that Outbound Marketing is an invasive strategy for the user. And not all your potential clients are willing to read and / or listen to your message; think that many users install ad blockers and filters to reject emails and calls on their systems. Getting over this barrier means investing in some resources such as time and money. Therefore, you should study very well all the possibilities, pros and cons that this marketing strategy offers you before making a decision.Outbound Marketing Strategy3 Outbound Marketing Examples That Do Work I do not want you to be left with the feeling that advertising online using an Outbound Marketing strategy is something that will not work in your company.I want to share with you 3 examples that do work , and they do it so effectively that many companies already have them in their online advertising strategies.The advertising Google works to when you combine perfectly with Outbound Inbound Marketing. And it is that optimizing your website with SEO while launching SEM campaigns , allows you to create a highly coordinated keyword and traffic strategy. SEO will help you get traffic to your blog articles, and SEM will work very well in more advanced stages, where you need conversions.A very interesting detail that you should not overlook is the possibility of using these ads for remarketing . You can direct all users who have already visited your website on some occasion, to other different campaigns.It seems that in the XXI century it is very strange to speak of a cold door. However, this technique has also evolved adapting to new circumstances.It is no longer enough to buy a database and send a mass email. Now you must take care of these aspects: Investigate : filter that database, keeping only the customers who can show interest in your product and / or service.Personalize : you must write the email in a personalized way and with great care. Think that the objective of this step is to connect with the recipient of the email; he doesn’t know you, and you need to surprise him to get his attention.Make your recipient the protagonist : go from person to person to the recipient of the email. Introduce yourself and chat with him / her.Social Ads Ads on Social Networks take on more and more prominence in an Outbound Marketing strategy. They are very effective due to the possibility of hyper-segmenting the audience you can target.It is much easier for you to reach an audience interested in your product and / or service , thanks to the choice of their preferences that allow you to select the platforms of Social Networks where you can contract this type of advertising.In addition, the use of Social Ads allows you to implement multiple objectives , and complement them with your Inbound Marketing strategy.Outbound Marketing is a traditional marketing strategy brought to the online world. Although a priori it may be too obsolete, due to the intrusion into the lives of your potential customers, more and more companies decide to implement this type of online advertising .And it is proven that it works, and it does so in a relevant way for your income statement. Although you should not lose sight of all the pros and cons of this fantastic strategy, before deciding to implement it in your company.

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