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Our Series Dedicated To Web Agency Interviews Continues.

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Our Series Dedicated To Web Agency Interviews Continues.

Our series dedicated to web agency interviews continues. Today, it is Yann Tertrais, CEO of the Soledis agency, who presents his agency specializing in e-commerce and web marketing. If you are wondering how to increase your online sales or improve your web traffic, the following will interest you! agency Our Series Dedicated to. soledis Can you briefly introduce yourself and describe the agency? SOLEDIS I have been managing Soledis since 2012 alongside Our Series Dedicated to. SAMSON, one of the founders. Soledis is an E-Commerce and webmarketing agency. As a Platinum Prestashop and Google Partner, our goal is to improve, for each of our customers, their traffic, their conversion rate, and their online sales turnover.

How do you differentiate Russia WhatsApp Number List from other agencies? There are only about twenty Platinum Prestashop agencies in the world, and ten in France: this seems to me to be a first important differentiator! Our team also includes experts in specialized fields, in particular in B2B e-commerce and ERP connectors. The fact that we are also a web marketing agency gives us a global sensitivity to the issues of online visibility and e-commerce. We are not simply integrators of technical solutions, we also (and above all!) Have a marketing expert eye on the e-commerce activity or influence of our customers. Finally, our references speak for us: 400 customers of all sizes, 99.2% satisfaction and great stability! What advice would you give to a project leader who compares different agencies?

If You Are Wondering How to Increase Your Online Sales or Improve Your Web Traffic, the Following Will Interest You!

To choose the right web agency , you must first look at its seniority. The more experience she has, the less you’ll pick up the broken pieces: there have been others before you! Then look at its certifications: OpenSource web experts, like Prestashop, surround themselves with the best agencies to constantly improve their solutions. Prestashop also provides training for the developers of its certified agencies, which is a guarantee of technical quality for the client. And finally, don’t hesitate to ask for quotes and compare the details of the offers: this is often indicative of a methodology and expertise. So 3 criteria in my opinion: experience, certifications, methodology.


Could you simply explain to our readers the main phases of creating a website? Before getting started, you have to know what you want, where you want to go, and what resources you can count on. From there, we go through a phase of analyzing business needs, written in exhaustive specifications. It sometimes seems a bit long but it’s really about projecting all the client’s needs for their online activity so these are rich discussions on the prospects for the development of the company! In this step, the role of the project manager is essential: you have to ask the right questions, anticipate the slightest needs. Customer involvement is also essential. It is also in this step that we validate the CMS , the modules, the hosting mode, the associated services … Second step: development and configuration.

Before Getting Started, You Have to Know What You Want, Where You Want to Go,

You have to customize the container, configure its functionalities. Third step, the data (product sheets, images, customer accounts…): whether the site is a creation or a redesign, it is necessary to create and take over data, and, very often, to adapt it. The objective is to “fill” the site. All this is done on a development server, ie the site is not yet online. Last step: getting started with the back office then putting it online. The customer will be trained in the use of the back office of his website to be able to keep it alive over time. Finally, when everything is ready, the site can be put online. So 5 steps to create a website : Analysis of business needs, site development, data recovery then back office training just before the site goes online.

Have you had to face major difficulties when launching a project that you did not anticipate at the start? At Soledis, we spend a lot of time on the preliminary analysis, the discussion stage that is used to write the specifications. This step takes time, but the objective is precisely to avoid the unforeseen. The most classic error is a gap between the initial estimate and what is validated after the specifications. This only rarely happens, the last time was 2 years ago… This is the difficulty in properly estimating the business aspects impacted on the online sales site. Whether it is logistics, volume of products or options, purchase tunnel, there are many pitfalls!

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