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Our opinion on Ecwid

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Our opinion on Ecwid

If you want to get started selling online quickly, Ecwid is a serious solution for you. Created in 2009 by the founder of X-Cart (the world’s first PHP e-commerce platform), Ecwid established itself in 2019 and 2020 as an eCommerce platform allowing rapid design of its online store. Because of its offerings, Our opinion on Ecwid is primarily aimed at small to medium-sized businesses and people who want to start an e- commerce business from scratch. The software currently has more than 1.5 million users worldwide. Check out our in-depth Ecwid review.

Ecwid lets you create a listing catalog very easily with intuitive features and attractive design. The catalog will allow you to add new products, import products (using CSV, Pakistan Phone Number List or LiteCommerce files) or even edit them one by one. For the most generous, you will even be able to create a catalog of gift cards that will be automatically delivered by email to customers. The products page allows you to manage the status of your stocks with a single click and gives you essential information on your products. On this screen, you can see that it is possible to arrange each product sheet by categories.

The main management features of Ecwid

The Ecwid software allows you to easily manage your stocks thanks to a “switch” button visible on the product page. To this, Ecwid adds a stock control feature, accessible directly on the product page. This functionality will allow you to activate a monitoring of your stocks and thus to know how many units of a product are available for sale and the right time to restock your products. Ability to receive notification when a product reaches a specified quantity Possibility to follow the stock of a product by its options such as size and color (example: a red XL) by creating variations for your options.


Like many of these competitors, Ecwid gives you the ability to apply promotions on your products through coupon codes or discounts. For these features, you will need to subscribe to the entry-level paid offer. There are many possibilities: free shipping, absolute discount (for example: 10 € discount), percentage discount (for example: 15% discount) or a combination of free shipping and a cash discount. Some discounts can even be personalized for specific customers. Ecwid has the particularity of having a wide variety of payment systems. While you have the option of getting started with Paypal simply,

The main features of Ecwid’s site editor

there are over 50 payment methods that are compatible with the online store builder (including 2Checkout, American Express, Stripe, and many more). The list offered to you depends on your location. Possibility for the customer to pay by credit card, Paypal, bank transfer, Apple Pay or manually (cash, checks). By downloading the Ecwid application, you have the possibility of integrating the Paypal Here plug-in which will allow you, after purchasing a Paypal card reader, to make physical payments wherever you are (note As of the date of publication of this article, this service is only available in the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Japan, Canada, Hong Kong). For your sales in France, Ecwid can be synced with Alice POS.

Regarding delivery methods, Ecwid allows you to configure standard deliveries via a carrier, local delivery (deliver your orders yourself) or by withdrawal (store, drive, etc.) Possibility to set free shipping under conditions (eg: order greater than 50 €) or not, to configure a flat rate, or to create personalized rates (based on weight and / or subtotal) Possibility of activating several carriers according to the shipping zones, the delivery rates, and the minimum order subtotal Ecwid comes from the abbreviation for “Ecommerce Widget”. Indeed, by going through a simple widget, you have the possibility of integrating your Ecwid online store with an existing website in a few minutes.

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