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Our opinion on AFS Analytics, a French alternative to Google Analytics

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Our opinion on AFS Analytics, a French alternative to Google Analytics

Analytics is an essential aspect in optimizing your website. You are certainly familiar with Google Analytics , the most important tool for measuring and analyzing your audience. But, this tool may not be ideal for your use. Alternatives exist like AFS Analytics. AFS Analytics is an all-in-one, e-commerce-oriented tool that allows you to analyze your audience, the behavior of your visitors, view reports in real time or even customize your dashboard using drag-and-drop widgets. Warning: it is important to specify that AFS Analytics can perfectly coexist with Google Analytics.

These 2 tools are not incompatible, they are complementary. In this article, we will introduce you to the AFS Analytics tool, its main functionalities without Afghanistan Phone Number List the opinion of La Fabrique du Net to be found at the very end. AFS Analytics is a French web analytics solution , focused on e-commerce, which can be integrated into your WordPress , Woo Commerce , Prestashop etc. site. via a dedicated plugin.After installing the tool on your website (in just a few seconds), you will receive real-time statistics on the overall performance of your site, directly from an intuitive dashboard integrated into the administration.

The measurement and improvement of natural referencing

Real-time visitor tracking, metrics specially dedicated to e-commerce, keyword tracking for your SEO or even heatmaps, all these tools are grouped together in one place, which makes AFS Analytics a complete toolbox . Before taking a look at the prices, let’s start by detailing the main features offered by AFS Analytics.
Tracking visitors in real time to its website is an essential feature. It is obviously present on AFS Analytics. This functionality will allow you to follow the activity of each of your visitors thanks to a personal file which lists all of their actions. When the AFS Analytics plugin is installed on your site, the visitor records are automatically updated with the latest data collected.


The engagement of visitors to your website is very important for your SEO. The longer they stay on your site, the more they engage, the more search engines will validate the quality of the content on your site. After installing the tracking code or the AFS Analytics plugin, all interactions taken by visitors are recorded in the form of a log. Using this information, you will be able to assess and improve engagement with the following metrics: Artificial intelligence plays a key role in the performance of AFS Analytics. It is thanks to this that the tool has the ability to reconstruct the keywords that Internet users use to access your site.

Advanced statistics for e-commerce sites

If you link AFS Analytics to your Google Search Console , you will unleash the full power of the algorithm. You will then have access to ALL the keywords typed by Internet users to find your site. No more nasty surprises like with Google Analytics and its famous “Not Provided”. Attention, it is not finished: AFS Analytics integrates a tool to follow the positioning of your site on the search engines. You will be able to see your ranking at time T, but also the evolution of your positions according to the keywords on which you are positioned.

Heatmaps allow the webmaster to follow and reproduce the journey of a visitor through the analysis of their clicks. So you can see exactly where your visitors clicks and therefore, which elements of your site are the most popular. On the contrary, you will be able to detect less popular, less appealing content and possible design or navigation errors that can scare visitors. The data you will see using the heatmap will be segmented by device type and screen size. Advanced statistics for e-commerce sites Are you the head of an e-commerce site? AFS Analytics allows you to track several metrics specifically dedicated to merchant site owners, including:

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