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Online Marketing, king of marketing strategy in 2009

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Online Marketing, king of marketing strategy in 2009

62% of those interviewed will increase their investment in online marketing, mainly in SEO Marketing (search engine optimization), e-mail marketing, in social networks and pay-per-click campaigns. Suspense in analysis: less than 50% of companies analyze the results of their marketing campaigns, but given the economic situation, a turnaround is expected in 2009. The web, important but not so important: although considered as a basic aspect of business activity, it is still not vital for survival, a fact that contrasts with the use of the online channel in marketing strategies. Alterian presents the sixth edition of the study on marketing carried out annually to more than 1,500 professionals from agencies, consulting companies and marketing departments, spread across Europe, the United States and Asia. Its main conclusions are the clear increase in investment in online marketing strategies for 2009, the need for analysis that prevails in the field of marketing Denmark Mobile Database and the role of the web as a support for online marketing strategies, in most cases considered less important than expected. The percentage that marks the increase in investment, in contrast to that obtained in 2006 and 2007, with 85% and 84%, respectively, is certainly lower. But even so, it continues to be among the largest sections of growth in this segment since the study began in 2003.

On the contrary, investment in offline marketing foresees a substantial decline in the coming months, a trend that has been maintained since 2005: The increase in investment in offline marketing has gone from 63% in 2005 to 38% in 2008. Likewise, the budget reduction has gone from being 5% in 2005 to 19% in 2008, as can be seen in the graph below. The data extracted from the study is conclusive, of the total of those interviewed, only 6% foresee a decrease in their investment in marketing in the next 12 months. 62% will give more budget to strategies framed within the field of direct online marketing. And the remaining 26% expect to maintain the current investment. Failure in analysis, but with intention to be approved in September The conclusions of the study are conclusive: there are still less than half (47%), professionals who analyze the data on the marketing campaigns they carry out. So there is more than 50% of the global interviewees who face a decision making without an objective knowledge of the ROI of their marketing actions. Both predictively, which with dynamic analysis tools it is possible to achieve, and with respect to the achievement of objectives.

However, the economic situation and its consequent reduction of the budget has encouraged marketers to adopt strategies in which results can be measured and controlled. “This year, measurement will be key,” says Jacinto Barrio, Marketing Director of Ibérica Alterian. And he adds, “Adjusting the shot to hit a target with a single shot will determine success. And to achieve this, knowledge of both the data – “the what” – and the conclusions – “the why” – In this second case, only the analysis of what will provide you with real conclusions is vital. Under this premise, it is observed that so far the online tactics and tools used by the vast majority of marketing professionals in their strategic mix are banners, search engines and e-mail Brother Cell Phone List. And that in 2009 search engine positioning, e-mail marketing, social networks and pay-per-click campaigns will have a priority. The main reasons that move departments in this direction are the low cost per action, the control and measurement capacity of the evolution of the process, the speed with which new campaigns can be generated and launched with new messages and offers, directed to new audiences; and the ability to segment immediately and at an extreme level of detail. Added to these reasons is the need to adapt to the new habits of consumers, who dedicate 20% of their time to live on the Internet. “The ability to react will be the key to survival. More than ever, being in the right place, with the right offer will be decisive. And this means being present with an offer with a name and surname.

The offer for large groups is no longer valid. This fact makes it difficult to react quickly, unless the departments are equipped with the appropriate technology, ”says Jacinto Barrio. Despite the importance of carrying out an exhaustive analysis, for 32% of the professionals within the marketing departments it is one of their greatest difficulties, followed by the management of multichannel campaigns (20%) and the development of the strategy (18%). The Integrated Platform, a dream that does not come On the other hand, regarding the applications that experts use to launch marketing campaigns, the fact that 73% use 3 or more applications for their creation and execution and 23% 7 or more stands out. This leads to the conclusion that the integration of marketing applications in a single platform with all the necessary services is yet to come. The variety of applications is very wide, as seen in the adjacent graphic. It should be noted that the campaign manager is the most used, followed by e-mail marketing and web content management tools. Email marketing and the web are considered two of the most necessary tools in lead generation and customer loyalty. The web, important but not so much Despite this consideration of the value of the web, it is significant that it is actually less than 50% the average of marketers who consider the web as a main channel within their strategy.

Thus, around 10% who consider it important as a support for their online strategy, about 28% who consider it important as a support for their online and offline activity and 20% who consider it basic but not vitally important. A pioneer company in the dynamic analysis of data and the exploitation of information, it develops technological projects that allow transforming information into strategic knowledge for companies and organizations in different sectors such as: marketing, health, citizen security, public transport, risk and fraud analysis, among others. Ibérica Alterian makes a differentiating bet on user empowerment, and has developed intuitive use technology for users with basic technical knowledge, democratizing the use of advanced technologies. Its clients include El Corte Inglés, Vodafone, BBVA, La Caixa, Wolters Kluwer, Metro de Madrid, Orange, Canal Isabel II, Ministry of the Presidency, Telefónica, Renault, Arbora & Ausonia, Andalusian Health Service, Metro de Bilbao and Muface.

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