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No freelance, no specialized agency, the construction of your merchant site

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No freelance, no specialized agency, the construction of your merchant site

It is you who will do it! Congratulations, this is a brave choice but very achievable if you choose the right tools. There are dozens of e-commerce software that allow you to create a merchant site very easily. To choose a tool that will get as close as possible to the use you want to make of it, you will have to compare several parameters: As you can see, before you decide on one software over another, you will need to compare many options. To help you, La Fabrique du Net has concocted a tailor-made comparison of the 5 main software to create your merchant site. After a complete summary table, we have detailed the 16 criteria to be taken into account to compare the different tools.

So, take a look now at our full comparison of the best ecommerce website builder software . Norway Phone Number List the estimated budget for your online store It does not matter whether your budget is limited or substantial, you will have to go through the stage of building the provisional budget. This is an absolutely necessary step before embarking on an e-commerce activity. You will agree that the goal of starting this type of business is to be profitable! You must therefore anticipate certain costs so as not to have unpleasant surprises later. Here’s what you’ll need to include in your document:

After a complete summary table, we have detailed

At the end of the drafting of your provisional budget, a bad surprise can happen: the model is not profitable! Don’t panic, this does not mean the end of the adventure. Try to adjust some variables in order to find a balance between income and expenses. Building and Implementing a Marketing Strategy Anticipation is the key! If you embark on the creation of a commercial site but no one visits it, what is the point? In order for your site to gain popularity and attract visitors, consider the following: Google Ads campaign . The operation is very simple: you target a keyword on which you want to appear and you set bids for this keyword.


You will then be put in competition with companies targeting the same keyword. Facebook Ads campaign . If you want to promote your merchant site on the world’s most popular social network, use Facebook advertising campaigns . Dozens of filters will allow you to target exactly the people you want. You can also launch advertising campaigns on other social networks such as Instagram or is the sinews of war for all websites, not just e-commerce. It is a fundamental work which includes the generation of backlinks , the writing of the content that will appear on your site or the technical aspect.

Try to adjust some variables in order to find a balance between income and expenses

You will understand, there is work to make your merchant site visible. Beyond the time to devote, it is a fairly substantial budget that you will have to plan. Indeed, it is estimated that between 30 and 60% of the budget for creating a commercial site must be devoted to marketing as a whole. Remember to include this expense in your budget. It’s over ! You now have all the elements in hand to successfully create your merchant site. Be structured, methodical and do not hesitate to use all the resources at your disposal to help you. That’s good, on La Fabrique du Net, there is everything you need!

Solution not suitable for mid-sized companies and large groups (Target: VSE / SME only). Nice functional coverage but limited functional depth. Features not customizable according to your industry. Our opinion on Axonaut To conclude our opinion on Axonaut, remember that this tool meets the requirements of VSE and SME managers who want to be able to visualize their key data and manage their business with ease, and without wasting time. With this complete solution developed in France, you are guaranteed to stay in line with the new accounting, tax and commercial standards in force, without asking yourself questions about constantly updating your management software.

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