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Mobile Marketing Association Releases Mobile Marketing Trends for 2011

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Mobile Marketing Association Releases Mobile Marketing Trends for 2011

The MMA has announced the ten predictions for the Asia-Pacific area for next year in a market, that of mobile marketing, which is expected to grow in 2011 from 13 to 14 billion dollars, the third after North America and Europe.1. Personalization and privacy will increase the effectiveness and credibility of the mobile medium as a marketing channel. As technology evolves, mobile ukraine mobile phone number messages will become much more personal and relevant, and new regulations and applications that block unwanted content will improve the perception of advertising.2. One of the biggest services will be data usage that will help build mobile inventory and drive higher mobile ad spend.3. Free messages, videos and calls will be available between devices and more applications related to free messages and calls will be introduced. You will see an increase in the use of mobile video.4. We will see the rebirth of Windows 7 for mobile, which, thanks to its modifications, will be closer to the experience of RIM (Research in Motion) and Apple, which will also promote the Internet connection through mobile phones and advertising.


5. The struggle between HTML5 and applications continues. Everything indicates that the applications will win but, as they are developed for specific devices and have limited penetration, there could be a tie between both systems.6. Services based on geolocation and augmented reality will be the leading technologies integrated into the mobile.7. The mobile device will  Aol Email List an electronic wallet for small payments.8. Mobile blogging will resurface again. The launch of tablets and their sales success allows users to edit and upload content in different formats.9. The proliferation of smartphones and mobile advertising will continue. The rapid growth in sales of this type of device this year and the interface improvements will make more and more users access conventional websites through their mobile.10. Mobile telephony will make the leap to 3D technology although they will still have a long way to go before creating sophisticated 3D.

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