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Microdata for Structuring the Information of the Web Page; Speakable :

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Microdata for Structuring the Information of the Web Page; Speakable :

Firstly, you meet the expectations of Internet users in terms of information research and, in a secondly, you are going in the direction of Google, whose objective is to promote content that perfectly meets the search intentions of Internet users. Use PAAs in your FAQs and add Q&A within your pages by tagging them through the Microdata for Structuring the microdata to get a specific display in Google results pages. Tag your content and pages with HTML5 microdata Depending on the nature of the content you write, mark up important elements using Google’s structured data , favoring the JSON-LD format which seems to be the one Google favors . Here is the list of the most useful diagrams for voice search: Webpage , Breadcrumb List, main Content Of Page :

Microdata for structuring the information of the web page; Speakable : mark up portions of text likely to be spoken aloud; Book : mark up information France WhatsApp Number List to a book (author, publisher, number of pages, etc.); Recipe : mark up information relating to specific cooking recipes (ingredients, number of portions, cooking and preparation time, etc.); News : mark up information relating to press articles (creator, title, publication date, etc.); Event : mark up information relating to events such as concerts, festivals, shows, etc.); Contact details : mark up information relating to the contact details of a company (telephone, email, etc.); Podcast : tag information relating to a podcast (title, description, duration, etc.)

Tag Your Content and Pages With Html5 Microdata Depending on the Nature of the Content You Write

Media Object : tag information relating to media (images, audio files, videos); Obviously, other optimizations are necessary to optimize your web pages for voice search but these basic recommendations also apply to classic search: Provide a site that is quick to load; Have a responsive site adapted to mobile devices (essential when you know that voice search operates mainly on mobile); Offer enriched content thanks to the addition of media (images, videos, infographics, etc.); Optimize your site locally, whether through Google My Business or adding geolocated pages with semantically rich content; Develop the notoriety of your site and your brand online (social networks, sponsored advertising, etc.) and offline (billboards, TV, radio, press, etc.)


Ultimately, voice search is not an additional way to gain visibility, it is simply a slightly different type of results compared to a traditional search. As we have seen, there are currently ways to optimize the display of a result from a voice search. However, the principles that prevail for classic SEO, namely to write quality content, hierarchical and that meets the expectations of Internet users, are the same ones that you should use for voice SEO. The future will tell us if new practices are to be expected. In the meantime, it seems obvious that within homes, voice commands will become more and more important. From there to say that it will have an impact on research and, therefore, SEO? No one can really predict it today.

As We Have Seen, There Are Currently Ways to Optimize the Display of a Result From a Voice Search

One thing is certain, the era of voice recognition will be accompanied by an era of personalization, the ultimate goal being, for home automation brands and new technologies, to fully equip homes and connect people to their homes. ” all the equipment together in order to offer a tailor-made service and meet consumers’ needs as closely as possible: open / close the shutters, turn on / off the light, start music, call a contact, make an appointment you in his virtual agenda or take note of his schedule, adjust the thermostat, optimize shopping and meal preparation thanks to a connected fridge, browse the Internet by voice on his connected TV, secure his home thanks to a system of intelligent alarm …

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