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Many Stores Wish to Expand Their Activity by Launching Into Online Commerce

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Many Stores Wish to Expand Their Activity by Launching Into Online Commerce

Many stores wish to expand their activity by launching into online commerce. What are the pitfalls to avoid ? First, do not underestimate the new missions generated by the creation of a site: Management of incoming requests Shipping & returns management Need to monitor web analytics activity to ensure the profitability of the project, alone or with a service provider Second, neglect the visibility part and believe that you just have to launch your site for it to generate sales on its own. What are the key factors for the success of an Ecommerce site in 2020? Above all – and this is a fundamental criterion for SEO – the site must be designed Mobile first, with an optimized user experience on smartphones as much,

recurring and qualitative Tunisia WhatsApp Number List of content. A Content Marketing strategy must be thought out, whatever the internal resources or the available budgets: solutions always exist. Finally, in a strong competitive environment, sales promotion and action planning are fundamental: SEA, Social ads and community management strategy, e-mail marketing, netlinking, …: many levers allow you to develop your activity thanks to the web . What is your positioning on a key subject like SEO?

First, Do Not Underestimate the New Missions Generated by the Creation of a Site: Management of Incoming Requests Shipping

Transparency on the definition of the objectives to be achieved, the methods used by our experts are communicated from the start of each mission with our clients. We develop our own methodologies from the solutions available on the market and we devote considerable time to R&S for all aspects of SEO: technical, marketing and semantics, netlinking. Each site we create is perfectly optimized for SEO: good technical practices are respected and above all, we study the market in order to recommend the best possible tree structure, in order to meet the expectations of Internet users on a specific subject.


Our SEO offer ranges from analysis on a specific point (positioning analysis vs. competition for example) to a complete audit on all dimensions of natural referencing. Why an agency? Excellent question. Many companies now have internal resources for updating their site, creating content for SEO or social networks, or even SEA. Our approach immersed in the activity of our clients allows them to supplement their actions with expertise they do not have: we work hand in hand with our clients’ teams. We are not necessarily there to manage everything, we are a complementary partner and this will develop in the years to come. Zoom – MAPAP customer case MAPAP Informatique, a company created in 1986, aims to design, implement and set up stock management

Many Companies Now Have Internal Resources for Updating Their Site

, collection and customer relationship management programs. As part of its development, the overhaul of its visual identity and its rapprochement with the world of Retail, MAPAP needed to find a partner to support it with its digital communication. The main objective was the redesign of its website based on a CMS. Work on the user experience (UX) and on graphic creations (UI) was therefore carried out in order to offer its various users a dedicated journey. At the same time, a market audit was carried out in order to offer a series of articles optimized for SEO and to boost the blog.

Goals Redesign of the website Affirm a visual identity Highlight their solutions and their added values Communicate with businesses Generate traffic and new leads And a quick word of conclusion? Whether you are an SME / SMI, an institution or a larger structure, our team will provide you with the appropriate response to your digital issues. Our clients are retailers, pure-players, BtoC or BtoB service companies, restaurateurs, manufacturers, start-ups. Their activity is local, national or, for some, international. Our values ​​are in 3 words: Adaptability – Performance – Efficiency Contact us to get acquainted! Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn Posted by Thomas | October

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