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Keys to the 2020 IAB by Elogia Annual eCommerce Study

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Keys to the 2020 IAB by Elogia Annual eCommerce Study

And with this, it is already 6 years in which our Elogia research area and IAB Spain have joined forces to carry out the 2020 Annual eCommerce Study. This study aims to publicize the eCommerce market in Spain and show the true potential of the digital sale in our country. Do you want to know the main keys? Well, keep reading!

This year, of course, to give a current and realistic vision, questions have been incorporated about the confinement situation caused by COVID-19 and how it has affected the online Venezuela Phone Number List habit.But let’s start at the beginning, how is the online shopper in Spain?The Spanish eCommerce buyer is a family person, with work and university studies. Active in networks, especially whatsapp and facebook, and that connects from both mobile and pc.online shopper in spain What is the real scope of the sales potential of eCommerce in Spain?Ahhh the big question! Well, the answer is really positive, and this year after 2 years its growth stagnated (probably because of the confinement) the penetration of eCommerce has grown again!This growth implies that in Spain of 33.6M inhabitants between 16 and 70 years old, 22.5 million already buy online, which represents almost 70% of the total Spanish population in this area.What age group spends the most on the online channel?Those who spend the most on the channel are people between the ages of 35 and 44, this makes sense since from the sample they are those with the highest purchasing power right now, for the opposite reason, generation Z despite being the more intensive purchase frequency is the one that spends less.How often do we buy online and how much do Spaniards spend on average?In general, we can say that the frequency and expense per purchase act increases compared to 2019. Spanish Internet users buy 3.5 times a month in 2020 vs. 3 times / month in 2019. As we said in the previous section, the youngest (under 45 years of age) are the ones who buy more intensively.

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During the confinement, the purchase frequency increased to 51%, this habit is consolidated and 25% of Spaniards affirm that we will continue to buy in the new normal with this acquired intensity .What motivates us to buy online?The driver for online shopping continues to be convenience.followed by the assortment of the offer, and the valuation of the product / service price.Come on, what we like the most about buying online is being able to do it comfortably from the sofa at home (or the towel on the beach) and have it in our mailbox the next day.The computer continues to lose weight as an online shopping device.It is no surprise, it was already pointed out in the 2019 edition, the computer loses strength as an online shopping device in favor of the smartphone. In this edition it is clear that the rise of the smartphone is thanks to young people, especially thanks to the Zeta generation, who prefer the mobile device over the computer.The mobile device is currently used both for making purchases via App and via the web , thanks to the fact that most webs are already adapted for smartphones.The Covid19 effect has been noticed … and has changed the main categories of online sales!Yes, because of COVID-19, the most purchased categories of these months of 2020 have changed compared to 2019. Entertainment and culture, technology and communication and food are the most purchased categories.

The food sector is placed for the first time in all the studies carried out within the TOP3 of purchased categories. Instead, travel falls out of the top 3.If we only take into account the months of confinement, the categories most purchased online have been food (48%), home (32%) and technology / communication (29%).7 out of 10 online buyers do the entire purchase process (search + purchase) on the digital channel.Another metric that grows compared to the last edition! Even so, it is necessary to clarify that 2 out of 10 do the “Ropo” (they are reported online but end up making the purchase in the physical store) and 1 out of 10 are reported physically although they buy online (this percentage has decreased, perhaps due to Covid19).Marketplaces, going stronger than ever.
If we talk about leaders in searches, without a doubt, the undisputed kings are still the marketplaces, and in this study they have reaffirmed their position.70% of online buyers carry out the search process in marketplaces such as Aliex press, Amazon or Ebay (among others) and of them 8 out of 10 buy in the channel.Their popularity on the rise year after year is due to the ease they offer when it comes to comparing prices and their extensive catalog. Especially Amazon adds to this very attractive prime delivery times.
What makes us repeat purchases on the digital channel?Prices, ease and fast delivery are the factors that most influence being satisfied in an eCommerce.The average satisfaction of online purchases has remained stable since 2018 (it obtains a score of 8 out of 10) and the main reasons for having this good rating is that eCommerce have good prices, it is easy to buy in them and that they have delivery times acceptable.Specifically, fast delivery is increasingly important (as stated by experts, who consider that it is the main aspect to work in the future together with prices) and buyers consider that the acceptable waiting time is 3.4 days.Practically 4 out of 10 would pay more to receive the product at our home earlier.Thirsty for more Aol Email List? Don’t worry, here we leave you the complete study so you can review it as many times as you need it and the presentation webinar.

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