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Iphone: Marketing Strategy and Social Phenomenon

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Iphone: Marketing Strategy and Social Phenomenon

The arrival of the iPhone in our country has become a social phenomenon as it also happened in other parts and countries of the world where the commercialization of this new mobile phone from the Apple company was impatiently awaited. Apart from the characteristics and benefits of the iPhone that have undoubtedly been important factors for its success, it is worth highlighting the media impact and the impact generated largely due to advertising campaigns developed to promote this new device El-Salvador Mobile Database. Although the information has arrived progressively almost with drops for months in which there has been talk and speculation about the arrival of the new iPhone, undoubtedly in the last month and prior to its commercial distribution it has been produced an authentic saturation of information that analyzed, we could well define it as a Marketing strategy unprecedented.

Without a doubt, both traditional media and digital media; Online newspapers, blogs, social networks, websites, etc Brother Cell Phone List have fueled the anticipation around the launch of the new iPhone for months. Even by those who debated, they tried to express a contrary opinion and denouncing the excessive repercussion caused by all this, downplaying it but at the same time causing a debate always with the same protagonist. The Iphone. The Apple company has managed and directed an excellent marketing campaign and strategy causing its star product to be so popular that long before knowing it it was on everyone’s lips and that it had an unstoppable viral effect.

On its first day of sale in Spain, we have witnessed the expectation of thousands of people eager to acquire This new iPhone generated endless queues of enthusiastic consumers. Obviously the repercussion of all this translates into a new “call effect” that will undoubtedly serve to generate a greater “free commercial and advertising impact.” The Social phenomenon caused by the arrival of the iPhone has created a new precedent over which many companies and brands They should take good note to analyze the factors and elements that have made it a clear example of marketing and marketing success.

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