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Interpretation services as marketing strategies

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Interpretation services as marketing strategies

The Translate Your World company has just launched real-time translation software that converts speech into one of 78 available languages. The software promises that it will be a very useful tool for speakers, teachers, brands and companies whose marketing strategies Cambodia Phone Number List are global and need to simultaneously reach people who speak different languages.

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The company, which develops mobile, language and marketing technologies , says the launch of this product, called TYWI-Live , is expected to benefit brands that otherwise only reach 2% of the world’s population. Its president, Sue Reager, said in a statement that translating messages includes “78% of the world’s population, which is another 2.5 billion potential listeners, attendees and participants Phone Number List.” The product allows you to choose between an audible translation (or interpretation), that is, with computerized voice, or written, that is, with subtitles.

The translation software market is broader than one might imagine. In addition to this product, Google has a simultaneous translation service, as well as Microsoft , which just a year ago launched an improved version of its system, which claims to have “only” one error for every 7 or 8 words. For whatever reason, however, these products have not achieved great market penetration and, in many cases, their existence is unknown.

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