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Instant messaging is the preferred online channel to talk about brands

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Instant messaging is the preferred online channel to talk about brands

Spanish users send or receive 35 emails from friends weekly, participate in 17 instant messaging conversations and interact 27 times with Facebook According to a study by Microsoft Advertising, instant messaging services are the most popular digital channels for brand conversations, compared to free south africa number , or social media. The study entitled “Talking Brands” analyzed a total of 4,500 conversations via instant messaging, email and social networks of 600 individuals from the United Kingdom, France and Spain. Real-time conversations were examined to better understand the frequency and nature of brand discussions on digital channels, as well as the implications for advertisers.The study highlights that the debates on brands between two people (instant messaging or email) are focused on the search, collection and exchange of information prior to the purchase of a product. By comparison, conversations between multiple people typically take place closer to the time of purchase. These conclusions provide advertisers with the clues on how the three most popular online communication tools can be used throughout the different stages of the buying process.According to statistics, each week a Spanish user sends or receives 35 emails from friends through Hotmail, participates in 17 instant messaging conversations and interacts 27 times with Facebook. Windows Live Messenger is the main communication platform for holding conversations about brands, being used by 49% of those surveyed, followed by 44% using Hotmail and 39% using Facebook.Another important conclusion of the study from an advertising perspective has to do with the nature of the conversations. 43% of all brand discussions via email were related to larger purchases (requiring further research) such as cars, electronics or travel. In the case of instant messaging, this figure dropped to 38%, and to 28% in social networks.


Those conversations between a group of people on social networks were, however, more related to impulse purchases, where the advice of family and friends is less important.”Even though the Internet allows people to talk to and about advertisers, they still struggle to understand what kind of conversations are happening on online media, where they happen, and the impact they have on consumers’ purchasing decisions.” , says Marisa Manzano,  Aol Email List  Director of Microsoft Advertising. “The“ Talking Brands ”study provides very valuable data for advertisers on the dynamics of conversations that occur online and, in particular, on the opportunity that one-to-one channels represent for brands seeking to increase awareness and awareness of your brand among consumers in the early stages of the process of buying a product ”.According to the study, conversations between two people regularly lead to a request for more information or to send and share relevant content; Contrary to conversations between many interlocutors, consumers take part in the gathering of information within the purchase process.After the research phase, and once the purchase decision has been made, Facebook is the tool that most frequently results in a purchase, with 28% of brand conversations turning into purchase, compared to 19% for Windows. Live Messenger and 13% of Hotmail.“For advertisers, the importance of reaching consumers through all stages of the buying process is key since although no brand conversation is exclusive to an online platform, some platforms are better adapted to certain types of conversation than others and the study shows the complementarity of all of them ”, concludes Manzano.

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