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Innovative packaging ideas for small businesses

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Innovative packaging ideas for small businesses

The humble cardboard box has come a long way since it was invented in 19th century england . Its compactness and sturdiness prove that it is still very popular today, and chances are that a few of your favorite. Products will come in one of these boxes. Moreover, the square and regular shape of a packaging box provides an. Ideal canvas for affixing the most beautiful and eye-catching designs. No need to worry about an uneven surface, you know what to expect with a cardboard box. Basically, its the dream situation for any designer worth their salt. Here are a few things to keep in mind when. Creating packaging, along with several great packaging examples to help you come up with packaging ideas for your next project.


Leave enough space for product information

Illustration of a person sitting thinking about packaging photo retouching service ideas artwork by orangecrush what you need to keep in mind — whether your design is whimsical or functional, there are a few things to remember… leave enough space for product information remember to include enough space on your box design for all important information. This includes product name, product details or instructions, manufacturers contact details, weight or volume and recycling instructions if applicable. Consider the recycling potential is your packaging recyclable Make sure youve considered the recyclability of your design from the start to avoid surprises along the way. If it is made of special materials and ink, or if only parts of the cardboard can be reused, also make sure your customers know how to do this.

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Packaging ideas to excite and inspire you

Consider your customer and the manufacturer AOL Email List who are you designing your product for Think about both the customer and the manufacturer by and for whom your packaging is designed. Think about the potential dangers if its a childrens product, or embrace some of the principles of accessible design, like using textured. Materials and colors suitable for the visually impaired. You will also need to design within the context of the products industry. For example. If it is a pharmaceutical product, you can opt for simple packaging that highlights warnings and important health information. Consider the ease of transportation it is worth taking the time to know the product that will be contained in. The packaging you are creating, as this will help you finalize your design. Think about the weight of the product and whether it will travel for a long time or not.

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