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Influence of the economic crisis on the mind and behavior of the consumer

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Influence of the economic crisis on the mind and behavior of the consumer

The study “11 for 2011” carried out by Omnicom qatar mobile number format Group confirms the increase in Internet connection through mobile devices and the boom in social networks. Omnicom Media Group, the Insight & Research division, an area specialized in the analysis of the market, the consumer, the purchasing processes and the environment, belonging to Omnicom Group, has carried out for the third consecutive year its study “11 for 2011” . The objective is to know the influence of the economic crisis on the mind and behavior of the consumer, as well as the relevance that these changes entail at the communication level. The study has made it possible to review the conclusions drawn in past editions, including the exploration of new issues such as the relevance of mobility, the predominant role of emerging countries or the importance of social networks, resulting in “11 for 2011” , a comprehensive analysis of 11 consumer behavior trends for this year.One of the aspects analyzed by the OMG study is the economy and its evolution. In this sense, it stands out that 77% of Spaniards classify the situation as bad or very bad and, in addition, 4 out of 10 respondents think that the current 2011 will be worse. In this environment, the figure of the “smarts hopper” is consolidated, consumers who emerged with the economic crisis, who are rational and planned when faced with the purchase: 75% declare themselves more cautious than before when buying; 7 out of 10 compare prices and 59% look for products on sale.At the international level, the data are more optimistic since, according to the study “11 for 2011”, a rebalancing of economic power is being seen in favor of emerging markets. This change explains the positivism shown by respondents from the so-called BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China), where we observe that more than half of Brazilians believe that their country will be one of the most powerful in the world and 80% of Russians say their children have higher expectations than they did.


Another trend that we already observed in previous years is the green conscience. At an attitudinal level, concern for the environment is unquestionable, since 6 out of 10 Spaniards worry about what they can personally do for the environment; although when we go down to the purchase, the price seems to outweigh the ethical-ecological reasons. Another notable aspect is trust in the closest environment, where family and friends become a powerful source of influence. Thus, in 60% of cases, a product recommended by them is more likely to be purchased.The study “11 for 2011” considers various factors that reflect the growth experienced by mobile Internet and the rise of new mobile devices. And is that one of the factors that will characterize Internet use in 2011 is the continuous leakage of  Aol Email List activities to mobile devices. It is worth mentioning that 34% of Spaniards have a smartphone, compared to 28% of Americans.For their part, social networks have become a key activity on the Internet and take Spain to third place worldwide in the use of social networks, only behind Brazil and Italy. And, most importantly, they are a direct means of communication between the brand and the consumer.In addition, both the growth of the outlet phenomenon and social shopping, which is already practiced by a quarter of the population, or the trend to exchange goods and services with other users, as declared by 13% of Spaniards, is confirmed.And finally, the trend of “Social gaming”, which has transformed online gaming into much more than a hobby by achieving greater integration in our lives. According to the OMG study, online gaming is becoming an increasingly widespread activity. 22% of social media users define themselves as regular players.In short, we are in a new era determined by the change in the brand-consumer relationship. Communication with our customers can no longer be passive and unidirectional, interactivity and consumer involvement is necessary. In this process, the Internet appears as the great catalyst.

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