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IGTV or Instagram TV: create your Instagram channel

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IGTV or Instagram TV: create your Instagram channel

In June 2018, Instagram launched an Instagram application to share longer videos on this platform, introducing some significant changes with what is its supposed competition (YouTube). This app is IGTV or Instagram TV.

Currently, Instagram continues to strengthen IGTV, and introducing changes: added the option to share stories , activating the famous ” swipe up ” the option to share the preview of the minute feed, and for the future, the option of monetized r the channel and the option to share your live streams directly on IGTV . So, if Instagram empowers it, at the very least, you will have to consider whether it is a good option for your brand or company.

IGTV or Instagram TV: how to create your channel and upload your videos, ideas to create content and tips for your channel to succeedCLICK TO TWEET
If you still don’t have an IGTV channel and you are thinking about whether to create it or not, or if you do, but you don’t know what to share or how to enhance it , here I explain how to do it, what are the requirements of these videos, some ideas to create content and tips so that your channel triumphs among your followers.
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What is IGTV?
IGTV or Instagram TV is an Instagram application for longer videos .
On the Instagram feed, you can only share videos of up to 1 minute , so for some videos, it falls short. And in Instagram stories the videos are 15 seconds per stories. So if you want to upload longer videos, the best option is IGTV.
Requirements for IGTV videos
In order to upload a video to IGTV, it must meet a series of requirements:

Minimum video length : more than 1 minute long.
Maximum duration of the video : if you upload it from your mobile phone , it lasts 15 minutes , and if you upload it from your computer , it lasts 60 minutes .
Format: MP4 .
Video resolution : 9:16 vertical or 16: 9 horizontal .
Minimum frame rate : 30 frames per second.
Minimum video resolution : 720 pixels.
Maximum file size : for videos of 10 minutes or less, 650 MB , and for videos of up to 60 minutes, 3.6 GB .
You can upload a cover image of your IGTV video, which I highly recommend that you do. Instagram recommends uploading it in with a ratio of 1: 1.55, but I usually upload them to size 9:16 and it looks perfect (also, you can reuse the cover image to announce in your stories that you have shared a new video on IGTV and put the link to it). This cover must be in PNG or JPG format .
If you are going to share the preview of the IGTV video on your Instagram profile, keep in mind, especially if you add subtitles to the video or if you create the cover image, which will be seen in 4: 5 resolution (to avoid being cut off something relevant).

How to create your IGTV channel?
To create your IGTV channel you must access your Instagram account from the mobile application and click on the IGTV icon (which now appears in the Discover section).
You can also do it from the IGTV application , an external Instagram app that is intended for the content that is shared on the Instagram TV channel.
How to upload videos to your IGTV channel?
There are several ways to upload a video to your IGTV channel, let’s see what they are (remember that videos longer than 15 minutes must be uploaded by computer).
Upload an IGTV video from the IGTV app
Enter the IGTV application on your mobile and click on the + that appears in the upper right corner. You must select the video you want to share, select which frame you want to appear as the cover of the video (or upload the one you created for it) and fill in the information . Once you have everything filled out, click on publish and that’s it.

Upload an IGTV video from the Instagram app
You can upload an IGTV video through the Instagram application, once you have created your Instagram TV channel, by clicking on the + icon in the lower menu, as if you were uploading an image, a carousel or a short video .

When selecting the video, which is longer than 1 minute, you will see two options: upload it to your trimmed profile or upload it to your IGTV channel . Click on this second option, fill in the information it asks for and give it to share.

You can also do it through the IGTV tab that appears in the Discover section of Instagram.

Upload an IGTV video from the Instagram website
Once you have created your IGTV channel, its icon will appear on your profile. Access that icon and click on the “Upload” button . While the video is loading, you can add its information and, once the loading bar is complete, you can publish your video on IGTV.

Schedule an IGTV video from Creator Studio
If you want to schedule your IGTV video to come out at a certain time without having to do it manually, you can do it with the free Facebook Creator Studio tool.

Access it, click on the Instagram icon and click Create publication / IGTV . You must select the video you want to program and add its information. Once everything is completed, you can publish it or schedule it to be published automatically whenever you want.

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Video Ideas for IGTV
If you have not yet decided to create your IGTV channel and start uploading content, here are some ideas to inspire you and think if any of these can be beneficial for your brand or company.

Interview with other professionals
You can conduct interviews with other professionals in the sector to talk about trends, news, current events or to give advice to other professionals.

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Do tutorials
We are curious by nature and although IGTV no position on Google and YouTube, you can share tutorials about your products, tools, on applications, etc . of your sector so that your followers know how to use it properly.

Share tips or tricks from your industry
In addition to making tutorials, you can make videos sharing tips or tricks on certain topics in your sector, to help your followers with interesting content that they can apply themselves.

Create short classes or masterclass
Another very interesting idea is to use IGTV to teach about something relevant in your sector , you provide interesting content to your followers and, in addition, you can position yourself as a reference .

Solve frequently asked questions
Take the opportunity to answer in long videos the most frequent doubts or questions that your followers usually ask you. You can use the question sticker in your stories to collect them and make a video with the most interesting or the ones that have been repeated the most.

Share trends or news from the sector
We like to keep up to date, so you can use them to share those trends or news that have appeared in your sector and that can help your followers make decisions . In addition, you can add more value by adding your opinion about them.

Recommend books, series, movies, …
It may not be recommended for any company, but it can be for personal brands. You can recommend books, series, movies or other interesting content that has to do with your sector, that you liked and that you think your followers might like .

Unbox products
Sometimes new products arrive and we want to show them as soon as possible. A fun way to teach it is by unboxing the new products , in which you can also add your first impression of them.

Show how your product works
Many times with a photo we cannot see everything that a product can offer us or the uses that we can give it. Therefore, you can create IGTV videos with your products, showing the product well and giving advice on how to use it or what to use it for .

Share your day to day or that of your company
I have already said it many times, social networks are to connect, so you can make longer videos in which your day-to-day life or that of your team is shown, so that your followers can better know who is behind the brand and connect more .

Tips for succeeding on IGTV
If you want your videos on IGTV to help you get more visibility (or any other objective you have) I share some tips that can help you:

Create videos in portrait format
IGTV videos, unlike YouTube videos, are viewed full screen on mobile, so they are vertical.

If you are going to record it to publish it on IGTV, I recommend that you do it vertically, and if you want to adapt a horizontal video to publish it on IGTV, you can use the video nuggets format (these videos that have two horizontal stripes, one above and another one below, with information about the video or subtitles) or that you try to zoom in on the video editing to make it bigger.

Add subtitles to your videos
When we consume content on social networks, we usually do it with the sound turned off. For this reason, I always recommend that videos for social networks have subtitles , so the user can know what we are talking about and activate the sound to listen to us if they are interested (or read what we are saying if they cannot activate it at that time).

Capture the user’s attention in the first seconds
If you want the user to watch your video from beginning to end, you have to hook it, and, for this, the first seconds are crucial .

Start by presenting the problem you are going to solve, telling an interesting and amazing fact or making a summary of what he will find in your video and he will know if he stays watching it.

Don’t go overboard with time
The videos that are consumed in IGTV, in general, tend to be shorter than those that are consumed in YouTube . In addition, users usually enter Instagram when they have a few moments and YouTube when they have more time, so sharing very long videos could make your followers not see them due to lack of time, or that they leave the video before finishing it.

Take care of the contents a lot
Try to ensure that your content on IGTV has good quality (it is horrible to see a video when it is pixelated or constantly cuts off) and that it is something interesting for your followers.

Also, to make yourself heard better, you can use your own mobile phone’s headphones or a lavalier micro  Aol Email List .

Add relevant hashtags
As in the posts of your profile, on IGTV you can also add relevant hashtags and these videos usually have a larger space in the search result of the hashtags, so they are more likely to click on it when calling more the Attention for the size.

Add clickable links
If you want to add clickable links to your content, IGTV is your solution. You cannot add clickable or selectable links in the feed publications, so it is very difficult to direct traffic to your website or to your other social networks.

However, on IGTV they are, so if you want to drive traffic to a specific web page, you can create a video of more than 1 minute and upload it to Instagram TV with your clickable link (although in the feed preview it will not appear clickable or selectable).

Create series to group videos of the same theme
Series are similar to YouTube playlists.

You can create series to group videos that follow a specific theme , so that users can select that series and see all the videos that compose it easily and simply.

Share the video preview on your feed
To reach more users, I recommend that you share your IGTV video preview on your feed . It is an option that you must activate before sharing your Instagram TV video and that will show the first minute of your video, so that, if someone wants to continue watching more, they only have to click on it and it will take them to the minute for which stayed, to be able to see the video until the end.

Share your video in stories and activate the swipe up
You can also share your video in stories, to increase its reach. In addition, when you share videos on IGTV, the link function is automatically activated in your stories , so that, by clicking on the link icon and selecting the video you want, you can put a link for users who see it to swipe up ( or swipe up) and go directly to it.

Analyze the statistics of your IGTV videos
Last but not least, always analyze the statistics of your videos . To see them, enter the IGTV video that you want to analyze, click on the three dots (next to the option to like, comment and share) and select View statistics.

How to make money with IGTV?
Instagram has announced that it will include the monetization of IGTV videos soon , although they have not yet given a specific date for it or shared the conditions that the accounts or videos must have to be able to monetize them.

Now you know what are the advantages that IGTV can bring to your brand or company and how you can start uploading your videos to Instagram TV.

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