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Ideas to make your Instagram feed irresistible

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Ideas to make your Instagram feed irresistible

Doesn’t it happen to you that you browse several accounts on Instagram and they all seem the same?

Standing out on Instagram is difficult, as there are many accounts sharing high-quality, creative images. But it’s not impossible.
A good way to achieve this is by being creative and using different feeds that can attract the attention of the users of this social network.
Would you like to have a beautiful and organized feed on Instagram to attract the attention of your followers? Here are 8 ideas to inspire youCLICK TO TWEET
To do this, today I am going to give you some ideas that you can do so that your Instagram feed is irresistible and the users who visit your profile do not think about it and become your followers.
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What is the Instagram feed?
The Instagram feed is the first thing that users who enter your profile will see, that is, it is the page where your profile photo, your biography and your shared content appear .

Having your feed optimized will make it easier for the users who reach it to end up becoming your followers, so working to have a good feed is very important .

Why is it important to have a good feed on Instagram?
Every day you receive a large number of visual impacts on social networks and the rest of the Internet. Therefore, it is important that companies, brands and professionals differentiate themselves and get the attention of users, since otherwise they will go unnoticed.

An Instagram user decides in a few seconds whether or not to follow an account . He will enter your profile and see the images you share. If he is interested in what you are sharing or catches his eye, he will read your bio and decide whether or not to follow you.

Therefore, if you have a beautiful profile that catches the attention of the Instagram user and that promises to provide something different (inspiration, advice, useful information, etc.), you will have a much better chance that that user will end up being your follower .

Types of feeds on Instagram
Here I am going to give you some ideas of feeds that work very well on Instagram , but that does not mean that you have to use one of them necessarily, but that you can create your own feed or mix some of these ideas to get a feed that you like and with which it is comfortable for you to work.
Instagram feed colorsFeed by colors
This type of feed is based on choosing some predominant colors so that all the photos you share contain them.

Although it seems like an easy feed to do, keep in mind that you will not be able to take photos anywhere, but you will have to look for places that have those colors or incorporate them into the photo yourself (either with objects or editing the photo later).

If you have a website or a logo and you like this type of feed, I advise you to use your corporate colors to make it easier for your followers to connect the images you share with your brand.
Rainbow instagram feedRainbow feed
If it limits you to always use the same color, you can use a feed that changes colors.
In the rainbow feed, a color is not chosen per se, but a predominant color is chosen for each of the images that you share, so that, as you go from one photo to another in the feed, a rainbow effect is created as it changes from one predominant color to another within the chromatic wheel.

Horizontal Instagram feedHorizontal feed
This feed is quite easy to work with. You just have to choose what to publish in each of the rows .
You can do it in different ways:
Choosing two or three colors and using the same predominant color in each row
Sharing three images of the same photo session or images of the same theme
Vertical Instagram FeedVertical feed
It is one of the easiest feeds to create. You just have to define what you are going to post in each of the three columns of your Instagram feed, choosing colors and types of photography (portraits, landscapes, products, images with tips, etc.).
One of the advantages of using this feed is that it is always neat .Diagonal Instagram feedDiagonal feed
If you publish 2 or more categories on your profile, you can use the diagonal feed, so that you publish your content on different diagonals .

It is an original feed that is very beautiful and does not get cluttered, but it requires planning to see those diagonals well and know what content you should publish.
Chess Instagram feedChess board feed
It consists of choosing different types of images and placing them as if it were a chessboard .

In addition, you have several possibilities to make this board, since it allows more types of photography and colors.
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Instagram feed contrastContrast feed
It is really a chess feed, in which two colors are mainly used, one light and one dark (which can be the same hue or not), and we publish them alternately .

If your brand has two tones, one light and the other dark, it may be a good idea for you, so that you use your corporate colors so that users can relate your content directly to your brand without having to see which Instagram account has it. published.

Instagram feed framesFeed with frames
If you like images with frames or want to upload images that breathe more, you can select a frame that you like and incorporate it into the images you upload.

This feed is ideal if you want to share horizontal or vertical images and you want them to be seen in full in the feed and not only when the image is clicked to see it larger.

In this way, your feed will be less square and you can incorporate a color in the frame in case you want to highlight it.

Large Instagram feedBig feed
It consists of cutting images so that you publish several pieces of it (3, 6 or 9 if you want to do it in the same row or if you want to do it in a more creative way you can only do 2, 4 or 6).

You must pay special attention when creating it, since the images must make sense both together and separately (when sharing them, you will publish the images one by one, if nothing striking appears in that image, it will go unnoticed) .

A good option to avoid that there are images that do not make sense in this type of feed, is to create a video for those images that begins with the photo that we have cut but that changes to tell something that has to do with the image that we are sharing . In this way, the feed will be beautiful while that publication can generate interactions with our followers.

Also, you have to keep in mind that with each new publication you make, those images will be disorganized, so if you later share a large image again you must make sure that the two will be organized at the same time (that is, leave in between the enough images so that the two large images can be seen well).

Instagram feed puzzlePuzzle feed
It is one of the most fashionable feeds that seem to take a lot of work, but it is not that difficult and you just have to spend time organizing it.

It consists of creating a background in which several overlapping images will be shared , creating images that make sense separately but that, seen in the feed, also make sense together (as if they were large images).
How to do the puzzle feed?
To do this, you will have to create a template in an image editor with several rows of 3 squares (at least make 9 squares).

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Once you have it, think about what style you are going to use and what are you going to share in your images (text, photographs, photos of your products, etc.)

If design is not your thing, you can look for resources on image websites to download (circles, rectangles or other geometric shapes can help you organize what you want to share). So you can add them to your feed and create a large image with everything you want to share.

When you have created the composition, it is time to insert your texts or your images in those geometric shapes that you have decided to create or download.
Finally, you must save the images separately, or save the entire image and crop it with an application.

Instagram Feeds Infographic
Tools to organize your Instagram feed
There are many tools that allow you to organize your feed both from your computer and from your mobile.
Ideally, Aol Email List you should try a few until you find one that is easy to work with. I’m going to give you some options of tools that I work with to create my Instagram images.
Instagram Feed – Photoshop and IllustratorPhotoshop or Illustrator
If you want to make a puzzle feed, this tool is essential to create your template and start planning your images .
In the rest of the feeds, it is useful if you know how to handle it, since you can also create your template and decide in what order you are going to share your images. But if you don’t feel comfortable working with this tool, you can use the two apps that I recommend below (they are faster and easier to use).

Instagram Feed – PreviewPreview
This is the application that I use. It is very easy to use, you just have to connect your Instagram account to the app (iOS – Android) and all the images that you already have shared in your feed will appear. Now you just have to select the images you want to add to the feed and drag them to the place where you think they look best with your feed.
Instagram feed – PlanolyPlanoly
This application works the same as the previous one but, in addition, it gives you the option to schedule your publications (if you have a business account on Instagram) and they give you some very useful statistics about your account (although in the free version they only give you the statistics last week).
In addition, it also has a desktop version, so you can use it both on your mobile (iOS – Android) and on your PC from its website .
As you have seen, by spending some time you can have a beautiful and organized feed that stands out from the rest of Instagram profiles and attracts attention to attract new followers.

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