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How to spy on your competition’s ads on Facebook and Instagram ADS

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How to spy on your competition’s ads on Facebook and Instagram ADS

Do you know that you can spy on your competition’s ads without them knowing and for free ?

Be careful, I am not telling you this so that you can do exactly the same as your competition, but so that you can analyze what they are doing, how they are doing it and where they are doing it. In this way, you will be able to see if there is something that you need to improve or if there is something that you can apply in your business (if it works for them, it is very possible that it will also work for you).
Do you know how to spy on your competition’s ads on Facebook and Instagram ADS without them knowing and for free?CLICK TO TWEET
I also have to make another point, and that is that you should look at those ads of who your competition really is. Sometimes we think that a great brand is our competence, but perhaps it is not because of the time it has been in the sector, the money that comes in and that it invests in its campaigns, etc. If you look at what a big brand is doing, it may not work for you, especially if you have a small budget.
In this article I am going to explain 4 different ways with which you can spy on the Facebook and Instagram ADS ads of your competition or any other business that is advertising on these platforms. Go for it!You may also be interested in:
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Browse the website of your competition
You still think that you should not step on their website because you are giving them a visit, but the reality is that you can learn a lot by analyzing their website .

I recommend that you first look with the Facebook Pixel Helper extension of Google Chrome if you have the Facebook tracking pixel installed on your website and, if so, you spend a while viewing different pages (especially those of products or services). You can even fill in the contact information for one of their services or try to make a purchase (you don’t have to go to the end and drop the money).

And all this for what?

Well, because by having the Facebook tracking pixel installed, if they have active retargeting campaigns (those that after seeing something on the Internet, ads of it chase you everywhere) and you can analyze what you are doing and what ads you are using to try to recover to that ideal prospect.

Sign up for their newsletter
One of the options that Facebook and Instagram campaigns have is to make ads to your  Pakistan Phone Number List  (subscribers, customers, …), since it allows you to upload a list of contacts that you have compiled. Therefore, if you sign up for their newsletter (if you don’t want them to know that you are spying on them, I recommend using a non-corporate email), you will be able to see if they are making announcements to their subscribers and what kind of announcements they are doing.

In addition, by subscribing you will also be able to know what email marketing strategy you are following (if you have one): how often you send emails, what day and at what time your campaigns usually send, if they are informational or sales emails, if you make any kind of discount to your subscribers, etc.

And you will also be able to know what type of funnel they have created for certain automations such as the welcome or delivery of a lead magnet.

Click on their Facebook and Instagram ads
When those ads start to appear, it is not necessary to take screenshots with your mobile or computer to everything you see to save it and be able to consult it later.

Facebook has a section, called Facebook Activity, from which we can check all the clicks we have made on advertisements that have interested us. In this way, you have them saved to consult them in the future without taking up space on your devices.

For an ad to be saved in Facebook Activity, you just have to click on the ad. Then go to

You can also click on the save option to find them more easily (if you usually interact with several ads and your list is very long).

Also, when you are viewing the ad, both from mobile and computer, if you click on the three ellipsis of the ad publication, an option “Why am I seeing this ad?” Appears . By clicking on this option, a screen will appear with information (little, but it can be useful) about the segmentation of the ad in question and why you are seeing that ad.
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Access the Facebook Ads Library
Facebook has a library of ads that we can access and from which we can search for ads from any Facebook fan page .

To access it, you must enter https://www.facebook.com/ads/library/ and enter the advertiser’s name in the search engine (check that the “Search all” option is selected or only the ” Political, social or election issues ”).

As you type the name of the fan page, suggestions will appear. Click on the one that is correct and it will take you to the announcements page of that fan page.
The first thing we find is the company logo, along with their Facebook and Instagram profiles and the number of followers in each of these.

You will also be able to see transparency information of the page such as the date the fan page was created, the number of times the page has been renamed (to prevent users from trusting pages with many name changes that may be due who have bought that fan page, they have not built their community from scratch) and the countries of the people who administer the fan page.

In the event that they have invested in ads for Topics, elections or politics, the total amount spent on these ads and the recent amount spent in the last 7 days will also appear in the header .

And further down, we will find the active ads of that fan page . We can filter them by country in which the ads are published, platform they are on (Facebook, Instagram, Audience Networks or Facebook Messenger) and impressions.

In addition, in each ad you have a “Ad details” button to be able to see the full ad, click on the call to action button and see its different versions.
As you can see, being able to analyze the ads of your competition (or have your competition analyze your ads) is something quite simple and that is available to anyone.

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