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How to protect minors on Social Networks?

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How to protect minors on Social Networks?

Social networks are a great attraction for young people, but they are also a danger if not used properly, since anonymity and not being face to face make some people use these networks to harm them.

The solution is not to prohibit them from being on social networks, but to teach them how to use them and how to detect some dangers that may be found in order to avoid them.Do you know what are the most common dangers in Social Networks for the youngest?Therefore, we are going to see what are the most common dangers that we can find and how we can help the youngest to avoid them.You may also be interested in:How do I protect my Social Networks
Reasons why you should not share photos of minors on Social Networks Minimum age to have an account on Social Networks
Each social network has certain conditions to be able to have an account in them, and one of these conditions consists of having a minimum age, which differs according to the social network and the place where you live.In Spain, the minimum age to have an account is:In the case in which an account is reported for being under the minimum age, the social network can close your account, notifying by Ghana Phone Number List  why it has been closed.Dangers of Social Networks for children and adolescents
There are many dangers on the Internet and on Social Networks, both for children and adolescents and for older people.In the case of children and adolescents, we can find these dangers: Social media dangers icon Privacy issues
Sometimes we do not think about the audience that our publications can have, and much more in the case of the youngest.
We must be aware that many times we are giving information that we should not share with so many people or that in the content we have published certain information is explicit that we are not aware of and that we may not want to know.For example, sharing information that we are on vacation could give information that our house is abandoned. Or uploading photos of places we frequent could give clues about our exact location (you have to be careful if you have the location or GPS option activated).
We must be aware of this information and convey to young people the importance of privacy and being able to control the information we transmit and to whom we transmit it.Social media dangers icon Distortion of reality
Youtubers and influencers are great icons among the youngest, but all that glitters is not gold.Behind all that, there is a lot of work that is not seen.

The youngest have to understand that behind each photo or video there is a preparation and that the best result will not always be achieved in a matter of seconds, but surely that image they are seeing is one of many others that they have not obtained. the expected result and that, of course, will not be shared. And, of course, most of those images will be edited, either by adding a simple filter or retouching the shadows and highlights a bit, or a more professional editing that changes your skin tone, your figure or your features.Young people should know that in social networks, only good moments are shown that we want to share with others, but that does not mean that you have a perfect life, but that you share what you want to transmit to others.Social media dangers icon Waste of time More and more time is being spent on social networks and, many times, other things are being neglected, such as studies, work or friendships.Having access to the Internet at all hours and our mobile with us does not help. But we must be aware of the world that exists around us and not live through what we see on our social networks.Social media dangers icon Requests from strangers In social networks, most only look at the number of followers they have, since this is what tells them how famous they are. And this makes them end up accepting any friend request, even if they don’t know the person.But this means that you are accepting people without knowing what the interest of that relationship is, since the person asking for friendship could have hidden interests that could hurt. Social media dangers icon Hate speech Social networks provide a shield that makes many people emboldened and say their opinion, without having any idea what is being said or without having any respect for the people who may be behind that profile.

It is very important that respect for others is never lost and that everything that is said is without disrespecting anyone, no matter how much our feelings sometimes want to get carried away and say a few things.It can do a lot of damage, not only because of your comment, but because of the comments that may arise from it or because of what the person may feel when reading what we have written on a network where anyone can read it as well.Social media dangers icon Social networks addiction
There are more and more people addicted to Social Networks, an addiction that can cause sleep disorders, sedentary lifestyle, isolation and even irritability or behavior changes.Adolescents are the group most vulnerable to this addiction, so we should be able to teach them to use them properly and without depending on them.Social media dangers icon Communities
On the Internet, there are many communities that are not highly recommended for young people, who are at an age where they can be influenced.There is more and more security in this regard on social networks, but until now there have been certain communities in which anorexia, bulimia, alcohol or drug use, violent behavior towards certain groups, self-harm or apology to the public have been promoted. suicide or pedophilia.Social media dangers icon Challenge or challenges
In addition to communities, there are also certain challenges that become fashionable and that are shared on social networks, challenging other people to follow the example, sharing the result so that you are sure that that person has done it.This is the case of some games such as the Blue Whale, which proposed a series of tests to overcome to reach the final test, suicide, and which claimed several victims until they managed to stop it; or the Hot Water Challenge, in which people are encouraged to throw a bucket of boiling water over themselves, something that has left irreversible damage to several people.We must educate the youngest to protect them from these challenges that are only intended to harm.Social media dangers icon Identity fraud By having a presence on the Internet and sharing our images, we risk suffering identity theft.Normally, they do not usually have much impact, since they are often used in accounts to gain followers or to link. But we must be careful, since it can have negative consequences in our life by relating the opinion of an unknown person with our image.

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Therefore, we must be aware and report if we find an account that is using our image.Social media dangers icon Cyber bullying Cyber bullying is the order of the day. And is that bullying is not something that occurs only face to face, but can also occur online, either through messages (threats, insults, invention of rumors, etc.), through retouched images or untouched but only shown to make fun of that person, or through phishing in forums, communities or social networks to share content with the intention of damaging that person’s reputation.Social media dangers icon Grooming
Grooming occurs when an adult tries to deceive a minor with the intention of sending them images or videos in which they appear scantily clad or naked, or contain sexual content.Many times, they may even try to meet the minor in person.Social media dangers icon Sexting Sexting consists of sending racy messages, images or videos. Normally, they are pampered, since it is the person who decides to share that content with their partner or with a flirt, but we can never know what that person is going to do with the content we have shared (save it, show it to their friends, publish it , etc.).Social media dangers icon Sextortion
Sextortion consists of blackmail through the threat of sharing images or videos in which you appear with an erotic or pornographic attitude.It is an increasingly common type of cyber bullying. They only need to have that content compromised, either because you have shared it or because they have hacked your mobile or computer and have downloaded that content.Are you interested in what you are reading?If you want to learn more about the world of Social Networks and Digital Marketing, subscribe to my blog and receive all the news and exclusive gifts in your email Write your name
Enter your Aol Email List I accept the Privacy Policy Subscribe me to your newsletter!Responsible: Jessica Quero Purpose: Manage the sending of notifications about social media and digital marketing. Legitimation: Consent of the interested party. Recipients: The electronic bulletins or newsletter are managed by entities whose headquarters and servers are within the territory of the EU or by entities covered by the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement, complying with the precepts of the European Data Protection Regulation in terms of privacy and security. Rights: Access, rectify and delete the data, as well as other rights, as explained in the additional information.Tips to use Social Networks safely We must not be alarmed and avoid social networks just because of all the dangers that we can find. But you do have to be careful and take into account certain things that can help us to be safe.Know the Social Networks that your children manage The best way to use a social network well is to be taught how to do it.
Properly configure the privacy of your account If you know a social network well, you will know all the privacy options it offers you. It is important that they are configured properly, especially to protect the very young.

Use strong passwords If we want to prevent them from accessing our account and publishing content as if it were ours, we must use strong passwords that are not the typical ones (date of birth, consecutive numbers, the word “password”, our name, etc.).Teach them to use common sense Adolescence is a difficult age and we have all done many things without thinking about the consequences. But knowing how to use common sense can save you from many risks.Convey the importance of not sharing private information There are certain things that are better not shared on social networks, since you are exposing them to everyone who follows you. It is best to think carefully about what information we want to share and which one we prefer to leave for our family or close friends.Don’t let them add strangers The number of followers is not everything. And they must be aware of it. It is better not to have a large number of “friends” on social networks than to add anyone. You can find everything …Do not send intimate photos
We must be aware that by sending that content to another person, we are leaving in their hands the option of continuing to share it with whoever they want without our consent.Think carefully if you trust that person before sending anything to him.Limit the use of Social Networks To do this, we can control the hours we spend browsing our networks or limit the use of our mobile phone on certain occasions, such as when eating with family or friends.Information is power. As long as you are well informed, you can avoid many dangers.Therefore, it is important that young people know the dangers they can encounter and what they must do to avoid them.

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