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How to offer a true mobile user experience?

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How to offer a true mobile user experience?

Worldwide there are about 6.8 billion mobile phones connected to the internet. Agree Luis Arvizu, director of Yahoo! Mexico , at present worldwide there are about 6 thousand 800 million mobile phones connected to the internet. This type of technology Algeria Phone Number List maintains a growth four times greater than that of the world population, with which it is expected that in the near future telephony will have a penetration greater than 300 percent.

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With these figures, the conference of the director of Yahoo! Mexico , who shared with those attending the 2nd National Congress of Digital Marketing some keys to offer a real experience to mobile users.

During his talk, Arvizu determined that the birth of new technologies implies a new communication, where the great challenge lies in being where Phone Number List the consumer is in order to attract the captive public by satisfying their needs quickly and effectively to build a real and personal relationship.

However, to impact the mobile consumer, it will not be enough for brands to get on the mobile trend through an application or a site of this nature.

In the words of Arvizu, mobile technology alone is not enough to build brands that are in the consumer’s mind, it is necessary to know how to read the information that this type of technological advances offer about the audience to turn it into true brand and purchase experiences .

In this way, the key to offering real experiences to the mobile user is to know the target thoroughly through the information that can be shared through the mobile phone and tools designed for this type of platform, which allow the collection of valuable information for brands and that, at the same time, they can return actions and strategies that satisfy almost immediately the needs of the consumer.

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