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How to make the design of my website help my positioning?

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How to make the design of my website help my positioning?

When designing a web page it is very important to take into account certain basic aspects at the SEO level .

On the one hand the issue of aesthetics, that it be an attractive and easy to navigate page for people and on the other hand for our web positioning. If you have a web page where users tend to stay for many minutes and browse through various sections and also share our content, it helps us to improve our SEO work .On the other hand, the proper structure of a web page is useful for search engines.

TIPS:1º Do not make your users think: users have to understand what the page is and what it wants to convey. If they click on any  Brazil Phone Number List , they have to go to the right place.2º Make little hierarchical websites. Try that the user does not exceed 4 clicks to reach the section he wants. The client has to get where they want without having to go through many sections.3rd Make unique URLs. That users cannot see the same content from different sections . Each section has to be unique and have a special value.4th Make the internal links serve as something. When a user clicks on a link, it is necessary for the user to understand where it takes us and why it takes us to that section.

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These are some of the basic tips when designing / programming a web page. It is very important to always keep them in mind for a better navigation for the user and for Google indexing .Follow us on Google News
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