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How To Effectively Manage And Manage An Online

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How To Effectively Manage And Manage An Online

Today we are opening the columns of La How to Effectively Manage du Net at LMA Agency, an agency specializing in e-commerce and digital marketing. The health context that we have been experiencing since the start of 2020 has favored (or imposed to a certain extent) the development of teleworking. Remote work requires the implementation of a new organization and a change in management. This is the subject of this article, which lists some tips for effectively managing and managing a remote team. Good reading ! As the world goes through the coronavirus pandemic, part of the global workforce has settled down to work from home (online). Working online has become a new reality :

Teams need a digital communications strategy, and leaders need to adapt to effectively Lebanon WhatsApp Number List their staff and meetings remotely. Most people who have worked remotely can attest that while virtual teamwork has its benefits, it can also be difficult. According to our research, the specific limitations of virtual teams include the participation of some people more than others, difficulty in dealing with conflict and difficulty in building trust. Frustration among team members is often compounded by technology glitches during calls, connectivity issues, and different team members’ expectations for comfort and use of technology. To overcome these difficulties while taking advantage of the opportunities, we suggest the following 7 tips for remote collaboration and problem solving

Most People Who Have Worked Remotely Can Attest That While Virtual Teamwork Has Its Benefit

Allow flexible working hours Working in different parts of the world means that your entire team will rarely be able to work at the same time. After all, your graphic designer in France won’t be able to work at the exact same time as your developer in California. So you’ll need to be more flexible in their work schedules, both to accommodate different time zones and to help your team find a work-life balance. They will be happier and, therefore, more productive in their work . So make your team work according to their natural predispositions and ask them to track the time spent on tasks and projects they are working on during working hours. This way you will be able to see


When every member of the team likes to work. Who is working on what at all times. Who is currently available to take on a new task. This will allow you to spot when your schedules overlap and organize group activities in real time. By following your flexible working hours, you will also be able to measure productivity levels and identify bottlenecks and time-wasting activities that you will know then need to be eliminated in the future. # 2 request progress reports You don’t want to micro-manage a team, but you still need to keep an eye on what they’re doing and whether they’re making the expected progress on their tasks. You can achieve this : Taking a look at their time tracking reports Establishment and conduct of regular daily meetings Organization of occasional individual meetings

This Will Allow You to Spot When Your Schedules Overlap and Organize Group Activities in Real Time

This will allow you to spot and discuss potential challenges and deal with hold-ups in a timely manner. use communication tools When it comes to tips for managing remote teams, nothing beats effective communication . Of course, communication within a virtual team is easier to manage if you have the right communication tools: Chat tools: great for asking quick questions and clarifying things about your job. Skype: It is ideal for organizing meetings and video conferences with your team. Phone calls: These are great for more complex conversations, as well as long chats that you don’t need to have through Skype. Electronic email:

Ideal for more formal correspondence, such as organizing group reports and one-on-one meetings. Using a number of different communication tools allows you to quickly deal with discussions, comments, questions and answers. Subscribe to the La Fabrique du Net monthly news lette use management tools There are plenty of remote team management tools you can try out – most of them help you cover virtual project management: Project Management Tools : Perfect for tracking project progress “remotely” and keeping tabs on deadlines. Task Management Software: These are great for setting and tracking tasks, as well as storing documents you need to work like (Trello).

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