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How to do SEO on Social Networks in 2020

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How to do SEO on Social Networks in 2020

If you are in this post, it is surely because you have faith in being able to do SEO in social networks and you want useful and effective tricks .

Yes?Well, I’m going to give them to you, but there is something else you should know …
My goal is by no means to discourage you, but I have to tell you that there is a great debate about whether Google, the search engine search engine, uses social signals for its ranking.
Do you want to do SEO on social networks?
In fact, Google itself has repeatedly said that no, that it does not take them into account. But there are few who think that Google does not tell us the whole truth.
And you, do you want to know what is behind SEO in social networks?
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SEO Social Media: Networks and Web Positioning
When a personal or Argentina Phone Number List brand wants to be well positioned on the Internet, the million dollar question is usually: Can I only achieve it with SEO or are there other ways to achieve it?
Let’s see, SEO is essential to win the battle of search engine optimization and, therefore, to climb positions and have your audience see you.
Now, there are other methods to appear in the search results and improve your visibility on Google if a user searches for the type of product or services you offer, or, searches for your brand name.
And one of them is to have active social profiles with all the relevant information about your company or brand.
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Truths like fists about SEO in Social Networks
In fact, the union is strength in SEO and Social Networks , and details as simple as knowing how to use emojis to connect with your audience and gain clicks, can make you stand out.

Use them whenever you can to create attractive titles, capture user attention and win shares.
Now, if you want to know the truth and the whole truth about the synergies of Social Media and SEO, keep reading.
Social profiles appear in organic search results
The social profiles with sufficient authority in each medium appear in the organic searches of engines such as Google, Bing and any other, regardless of the position that the blog or the website of the same brand or company occupies in the rankings.
Starting from this idea, it could be said that a strong presence in networks could generate traffic to other media in a direct, natural and organic way.
Social networks are also used as search channels
Social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are used every day to search for information of all kinds. In fact, another network such as YouTube is already the second most used search engine, so we will dedicate an exclusive chapter to it.
In terms of visibility, this is important, since users can go to any of these social networks and find the content they are looking for, without having to consult Google.
Therefore, you have to optimize your social channels thinking about user searches. You have to make the most of the potential of the networks to optimize your brand positioning.
Do you wonder how to do it? I give you ideas. Take note!

Create quality content that adds value to the user . The strategy, structure and originality for your content is as important as for the editorial plan of your blog or corporate website.
Select and use hashtags well to appear in organic searches on networks related to what you offer. Don’t go crazy either, you want to be found, but maintaining communication with clean copies adapted to your message is important. My recommendation is that you do not use more than 2-3 on Twitter and on Instagram bet for 7, and put them at the end on a separate line, never between the text, since it reduces clicks on strategic CTAs.
Fill everything , everything, everything with wisdom. Come on, add a description, your story, links to your website and everything that each network allows you. The better your profile defines the essence of your brand, the more trust it will generate in the user and if they feel an affinity for your values ​​or connect with your way of transmitting, they will be able to become not only a customer, what is better, an ambassador of your brand.
A good social strategy will end up having an impact on your SEO
One of the indirect consequences of having careful social profiles with cool periodicals is that your content becomes more susceptible to being shared by people interested in the topics you are dealing with.

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If something hits and goes viral, a “snowball” effect is produced that leaves the networks and reaches other channels. And thanks to your broadcasting power in networks you can get mentions of other blogs or websites, and what is better at the SEO level, quality links pointing to your site .

But not only that, but it also offers you other indirect benefits that improve SEO, such as:

Increase the reach and traffic of other channels.
Growth in the number of interactions in the different media used.
Greater chance of getting conversions.
In short, when a brand carries out a good social strategy , it improves its recognition, mentions, engagement …

And with all this, your brand searches on Google, which undoubtedly has a very positive impact on SEO, since they are exclusively yours 😉

What can I do in Social to boost Aol Email List
Now that it is clear that SEO and social networks are great allies for your branding, we are going to review some ideas that you should take into account to boost your strategy.

Seduce new followers: growing your community is important because having a good number of fans increases the credibility of your brand with new visitors. Bet on building your audience organically and if you use reinforcing Social Ads, do it wisely, do not buy followers by weight that do not contribute anything to your community.
Publish quality content: creating relevant, original content that adds value to the user is essential. Research, get inspired and map out your strategy. Defining themes, titles and everything that has to do with content will affect both your success in social and SEO.
Optimize all your publications: search optimization is one of the most important factors for your content to be found. It is important to use keywords well, fill in the title, meta description, use Google and user friendly URLs. And of course, as I have already mentioned, make good use of hashtags.
Cure it for external links: if your content is really good, you are more likely that other websites will point to yours. But there is even more… If you participate actively in social communities, in forums specialized in the topics you master, in groups on Facebook, LinkedIn or the star social network of your strategy, etc. the visibility and recognition of your brand will notice it. How to do it? Get involved in the publications of others, comment, solve doubts and add value, do not focus only on sharing your own content, pulling from other sources of authority will give you credibility.
Maintain regularity: regularity in your posts on networks and on your blog are more important than you might believe. This is vital to be able to build a loyal audience, eager for your content every day, week or month (that will depend on your strategy). If you do not maintain a certain regularity in your publications, you could lose followers who are boring to wait, make engagement drop and interact less when you share, and, in addition, you will reduce your chances of gaining external links … And all this, in addition to your networks, is you will see reflected in SEO.
Measure, compare and optimize: as important as having a good social media strategy is measuring its results, and in our case, comparing it with SEO progress to see if the Social-SEO monitoring works. You have to set some KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to measure performance. Thus, month by month you will know if you have achieved your goal and you will be able to identify which actions have been successful, which should be reinforced and how to move forward to improve. For example, an interesting KPI to check the success of social, brand recognition and its impact on SEO, is direct traffic.
How to do SEO on YouTube
YouTube is already the second largest search engine after Google, and, in addition, the main content from which it draws is the most demanded on the Internet. So it deserves a special section in this post on how to do SEO on social networks , don’t you think?

Analyze the search intention and choose the best keywords
If you are starting with your content strategy on your YouTube channel , before taking action and starting to record, it is vital that you analyze the search intention of the users you want to target .

Ask yourself:

What exactly does my target audience need?
What is your pain and how can I help you?
Only then will you know how to shape your videos to connect with them once they find you on YouTube.
You also need to know with which keywords or keywords you are most likely to be found.

How do you know?

You can start by following these simple tips with which you will already get a lot of search terms suitable for your channel:

Try the best online tools . Sight! I tell you a couple that can be great for finding keywords and obtaining optimization ideas: YTCockpit, which is a specific tool for doing keyword research for YouTube; and the VidlQ extension for Chrome, with which in addition to ideas about keywords, you will have access to a lot of interesting information to optimize your videos on hashtags and very useful statistics.
Always add brand tags to your videos. Including #YourName and #YourChannelName helps YouTube better match your videos and display them as related video suggestions.
Use the suggestions of the YouTube search engine itself. This is something very simple and effective. For example, imagine you have a pet store and you want to make a video on tips for buying dogs. You go to YouTube you put those words in the search bar and there you have a few ideas of related terms:
YouTube search
Take the 15-second rule as a flag
An important factor related to positioning and visibility on YouTube is audience retention .

Sure you want with all your might that they see your videos until the end, right? Well, since the human being is impatient by nature and the Internet user even more, get into his head since time is money.

15 seconds is the average time that users endure to know if they are interested in what they see and stay until The End .

So there is no choice but to hook from the second zero. Small spoilers always come in handy to awaken the bug. For example, you can take advantage of the beginning of the video to anticipate that during it you will share a scoop.

Focus on Link Baiting to gain visibility
On YouTube, as in the rest of social networks, everything that helps you stand out adds up to arouse user interest, improve your branding and, therefore, have a positive impact on SEO.

What can you do to optimize your YouTube posts ? Three essentials are:

Create compelling titles and tap them with emojis that help get your message across.
Make up a description with at least 350-500 words and add a call to action for them to visit your website, and now they will follow you on the rest of your social profiles.
It includes miniatures with impressive photos and / or copies that the user cannot resist.
YouTube channel Bruno
With these and other tips for doing SEO on YouTube you will be able to give your videos the visibility they deserve.

For them!

Social media may not have a direct effect on your website’s SEO , but as you have read here, it does offer many indirect benefits and advantages.

Mainly a good strategy in your social networks will help you improve your brand image and with it, increase the number of organic searches on Google for your name. And that, my friend, has a positive impact on the visibility and positioning of your page or blog.

That’s what you’ve come here for, right? Well, you already have where to start working on SEO in social networks.

Any questions that arise, I’ll read you in the comments!

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