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How to create attractive Instagram descriptions for your posts?

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How to create attractive Instagram descriptions for your posts?

When you publish content on Instagram, you can ac Belarus Phone Number List it with a text or description to give context to that image or video and that your followers know more about what they are seeing.

How to create attractive descriptions for your Instagram posts?CLICK TO TWEET
If you create attractive Instagram descriptions, the possibility that the reach of that publication will be greater, since the Instagram algorithm detects that users spend more time viewing your publication, and understands that it is because your publication is relevant and valuable, and your followers are more likely to end up writing a comment on it.
Therefore, I am going to give you 11 tips for you to create attractive copies for your Instagram posts .
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Errors in Social Networks 1Select the objective of your publication
Before you start writing, think about the goal of that post :

Do you want to boost your personal brand by telling a personal story so that your followers know you better?
Do you want to publicize a new product or service of your brand?
Do you want to provide valuable information on a specific topic in your sector to stand out as a professional in it?
Do you want to drive traffic to your website so that they see your latest post?
Do you want to create a debate to know the opinion of your followers on a specific topic?
Depending on what your objective is, you should create a copy focused on a specific action or another , providing more personal or professional information, being more direct or allowing you to go deeper or add context, …

Also, keep in mind that you must capture attention with your image or video, but retain them with the text , so both must make sense together for it to work properly.

Errors in Social Networks 2Tell your story (storytelling)
People connect with people . That is why I put so much emphasis on my clients and all the people who write to me to ask me for advice about their Instagram accounts on what should be shown on their profiles.

And not only physically (users want to know who is behind a brand and they will connect much more with that person or people than with the object you want to sell them), but also on a more personal level.

It is clear that you are the one who chooses what to share and what not, you do not have to tell everything. But if you let your followers know you , know your opinion on certain topics, your feelings on certain actions or your story of how you got where you are, you will create a feeling of closeness between them and your brand .

Errors in Social Networks 3Broadcast with your own voice
Surely you follow many brands and you love their way of writing and expressing themselves on Instagram, but if that is not your way of expressing yourself, do not try to copy it.

Each one of us is different, and that is what makes you unique within all the Instagram accounts in your sector. You have your own voice, and it is the one you should use in your Instagram descriptions if you want to stand out and get your account to reach your potential customers.

You can be inspired by other accounts, but always create your own content being true to your style (which can change or evolve as you, your brand or your goals do).

Errors in Social Networks 4Start with the best introduction
When you publish, in the Instagram feed that appears to your followers, only the first lines of the text you write will appear , regardless of how long it is.

Therefore, those first lines have to hook , they have to be the title that tells your followers what you are talking about in your description to get them to click on see more and read everything you have written.

You can try to ask a question, to affirm something contradictory or controversial, or to summarize in one sentence the concept that you are going to develop below. Anything that goes with your style and that you think can get the attention of your followers.

Errors in Social Networks 5Create conversation
Social networks are for talking , and it is something that I recommend that you do, since you can learn a lot from your followers and improve your products or services to focus more on their needs.

In my Instagram posts, I practically always include a question because I like to know what my followers think, if they use certain techniques to improve their profiles, if they know some tools, or if they think the same as me or not.
Of course, this is useful if you are going to answer, if you do not intend to answer the comments of your followers, it is better not to do so . You will give the image that you only want comments on your publications, but the opinion of your followers does not interest you the least.

Errors in Social Networks 6Includes calls to action
If you include a call to action in your publications, you are more likely to receive a response from your followers , since, if you only share a text, they may read it, like it (if they liked it) and go to another thing.

This call to action will depend on what the objective of your publication is , so if you want to derive traffic to your website, the most normal thing is that the call to action is that they visit your profile to access the clickable URL of your biography.

Errors in Social Networks 7Neither short nor long
Many times they ask me: do people read on Instagram? And the answer is not simple, because if you are interested in or have connected with a person or brand, you will read, and if you have not connected or know that what they usually write does not interest you, you will not.

If you use very short texts, surely you will not get to connect with your followers and they will not write any comments, since they will see the image and the phrase you have written, and they will continue to see more content from the social network.

But, if you use very long texts, surely people get tired before reading and do not read everything, unless you are telling something with which they feel very identified and want to know more.

Obviously this is not an exact formula, there may be accounts that work very well with a short text that goes to the point and others that write very long texts works great. You should try what is the formula that works for you .

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You can try to upload more direct descriptions, of one or two short paragraphs, and increase little by little to see which one works best for you. I even did tests in which I started talking about one topic and ended up talking about another to see if they read it at the end, and amazingly, practically all my followers read until the end.
Errors in Social Networks 8Separate the paragraphs
When you publish content on Instagram or program it from Facebook Creator Studio, for some time, line breaks are respected, but only 1 space, that is, if you want to leave several spaces together, you need to use an external tool.

If you publish the text all together, the user will see too much text and may feel lazy when reading it, but if you separate it, they can easily jump from one paragraph to another in a structured way, facilitating and speeding up the reading.

If you want to do multiple line breaks, you can use external tools . One of my favorites and that I use, both in my own publications and in the publications of my clients is SpaceGram , a free tool in which you must write the text, structured as you want, and simply click to copy to paste it on Instagram or in your Instagram post scheduling tool .

Errors in Social Networks 9Add emoticons
When we speak, we can give our words the intonation we want to avoid misunderstandings, but when we are writing, it is the person who is reading the one who gives the intonation , being able to think that we are saying something when we are saying the opposite.

To avoid this, use emoticons so that the user who is reading your descriptions knows what you are referring to , if you are trying to make him feel a specific feeling (joy, sadness, surprise, anger, etc.).

Errors in Social Networks 10Include hashtags
Although you can also add them in the first comment of your publication, I prefer to add them in the description itself, at the end, leaving a space between the text and the hashtags.

In this way, you will be able to give your content more reach and visibility , as long as you choose the appropriate hashtags for Instagram and do not get carried away by the Aol Email List s of most used hashtags or invented hashtags.

Errors in Social Networks 11Check before posting
When everything is written, before publishing your content, check that you have not made any spelling mistakes or that you have not written something and then you have changed the phrase without eliminating what no longer made sense .

If your followers read a faulty description they will think that you have done it in a hurry, simply to publish the content.

The only formula that exists and that all accounts must follow, regardless of what sector they are or what objective they have, is to be oneself. The rest are tips that you should try in your descriptions to know which ones work best for you and implement them in your strategy.

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