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How to catapult your branded AR filters in rrss to success

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How to catapult your branded AR filters in rrss to success

A few months ago we told you all about augmented reality filters and how to create them . If you have followed our advice, you will have a perfect effect to increase the engagement and reach of your brand, but to exploit the potential of AR filters to the maximum, you should not stay in organic publications. In this post we will tell you how to go further thanks to Facebook Ads campaigns .

How to publish a filter for social networks in Spark AR Hub
Once you have created your filter with Spark AR, you must publish it on the Spark AR Hub , the Facebook platform that will allow you to link it to your Instagram profile and your fanpage, and share it with your followers.

The steps are simple, you will only need the effect file, an icon that represents it and a demonstration video, which will be the one that appears when users see it in the Instagram or Facebook application.

When publishing the effect on this platform, it will appear on your Instagram profile in a separate tab, similar to the one that appears with IGTVs or guides, in which only the profile filters will be seen.

With this, you will have published your filter organically, but now we will see how to go one step further through Facebook Ads campaigns.

The process will be different for Facebook and Instagram , as the latter does not currently allow the AR experience to be used in ads. Let’s see how to do it on each channel!

How to promote a filter on Facebook?
In the case of Facebook, we already have the option to use the filter as part of an Instant Experience ad, creating an AR experience within the ad itself. The steps to follow are:

Publish your filter as an Ads Effect on the Spark AR Hub platform:
Create your campaign in Facebook Ads :
Create your ad with the AR filter:
Measure the results:
This will allow you to link the effect to your Facebook fanpage and use it as an asset in your campaigns. The fields to be covered are the same as for publishing it organically.

Through the Facebook Ads Manager, you must launch a campaign that promotes the filter among the users of the application.

Our recommendation is to start with a targeted campaign that shows the ad to the highest volume of users possible, within the audience you select.

Within this campaign you must publish your ads. For Facebook to allow you to use the instant experience, you will have to select the unique image or video format. In the Full-screen mobile experience section you can add an instant experience and select the filter that you have previously linked to the fanpage.

At the moment, Facebook only allows us to review two KPIs related to these campaigns: Shared Effects and Instant Experience Watch Time. You can also check the effects of this campaign on the filter metrics by observing the evolution of the Spark AR Hub Italy Phone Number List.
How to promote a filter on Instagram?
In the case of Instagram, we will not be able to use the filter as part of an Instant Experience ad , so Facebook recommends promoting it through a targeted traffic campaign. The steps in this case are:

Publish your filter as an Effect on the Spark AR Hub platform:
Create your campaign in Facebook Ads:
Create your ads:
Measure the results:
If you have already done it before to publish it organically, you can skip this step. If not, the steps are the same and you will need the effect file, an icon to represent it and a demonstration video.

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In this case, you must launch a campaign with targeted traffic that sends users to the filter on the Instagram platform. For this, you will have to find the URL of the effect in Spark AR Hub.

For this campaign, you can use a video demonstration of the effect that draws the attention of users and encourages them to try it and share it on their profile, increasing the reach. You can announce it both in the feed and in the Instagram Stories.

In addition to the usual KPIs of a traffic campaign (clicks on the link, CTR, CPC, etc.), you can measure the effect on the filter metrics by observing the evolution of the Spark AR Hub Aol Email List.
We have already tried it, these were the results!
In Elogia we have already dared to take the step with the launch of a filter for our client, Panasonic, and we have verified the effectiveness of the traffic campaign to promote the effect on Instagram.
Thanks to this campaign, in a week, we were able to far exceed what we had achieved with the Instant Experience campaign on Facebook, increasing the number of times the effect was opened by more than 500%, its captures by more than 800 % and the times it was shared on user profiles by more than 1,000%!
And you, do you dare to throw yourself with AR filters? Remember that they are a very powerful tool to connect with users, and that they can help you improve engagement with followers. If after this post you are still not completely clear on how to launch your campaigns and make the most of the potential of these effects, our Social Ads area will be happy to help you, do not hesitate to contact us!

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