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How social networks can generate a change in society

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How social networks can generate a change in society

A shocking testimony of a young woman with AIDS has gone viral, generating interest in the world’s media.
Santiago, Chile.- Carolina del Real is a 33-year-old Chilean woman from the upper class who, for the past two years, has been fighting a disease she never thought of contracting: AIDS. Of course, she, despite having a broad education, believed that this happens to others and in other countries Jamaica Phone Number List. However, once the evil was discovered, he decided to learn and inform himself, to support other patients or carriers and, above all, to raise awareness of the importance of taking the Elisa test before establishing a formal relationship – including sexuality. Why has it generated so much noise? Because she is pretty, she looks healthy and she decided to make her case public on a blog, then on Facebook. The information went viral and for two weeks it has been the focus of attention in Chile and the world.

It all started with the need to tell the truth in a blog with a fairly direct name “Sweet bitches say it loud. Readers shuddered. There were some who took advantage of telling her their own cases and the media sought her out to tell her story. She does not pretend to be a television star – although her beauty and intelligence would put her in an excellent position – but hopes to show that the disease is “like any chronic disease” that does not occur in a single sector of the population, but that anyone can contract it. She asks that she not be discriminated against, nor against others.

The theme is strong, without a doubt; his bravery as well. So it is worth applauding the use that she has given to social networks in the hope of changing the look of society. And it is succeeding Phone Number List.

On the other hand, it makes us think about the exceptional importance of digital tools, for any message that you want to deliver to the general public.

Here are some of their testimonies that can also serve to continue generating this kind of social marketing that alerts children, nephews and friends about a global problem that grows every day and of which we often have little awareness.

Today, what began as a catharsis becomes a project meeting with the Ministerial Secretary of Health (SEREMI) to continue educating. We share with you three of the many reports of the last weeks on the subject.

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