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How LinkedIn works and what it is for

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How LinkedIn works and what it is for

LinkedIn is the preferred professional social network to create working relationships and find business opportunities, but do you know how this network works and how to take advantage of everything it offers you?

We connect? Here’s my LinkedIn profile in case you want to take a look or connect.I recently made a post to give you some tips to make your profile stand out in this social network and give you a series of mistakes that you should never make. Now, let’s see how you can create a profile and optimize it.Do you know what LinkedIn is for and how this professional social network works?What is LinkedIn for?Position yourself as a professional , making your work known.Know the work of other people in your sector.
Do networking with other professionals in your sector.Improve your personal brand .Get a good job or improve the one you currently have.Bring qualified traffic to your website or blog.Make yourself known to companies in which you would like to work or with which you would like to collaborate.Find potential clients .To create a profile you must access the LinkedIn website and fill in your name and surname, your email address and the password with which you want to access.Once you have filled it in, you will have access to your profile and you can start filling in all the  Luxembourg Phone Number List  to have a complete profile:Once you have created your professional profile, you can create a company page. To do this you must click on the ” Products ” icon that is in the top bar, towards the end, and select the last option.The following form will appear in which you will have to fill in the name of the company, the URL that you want it to have on LinkedIn and confirm that you are the official representative of that company and that you can act as such.It must contain at least one non-numeric character.It cannot include more than one followed hyphen, as long as it is between characters, since you cannot put a hyphen neither at the beginning nor at the end.You can include lowercase letters, numbers, hyphens, and Unicode characters.
If you put a character that it does not recognize, it will be changed to a hyphen.One of the things I like about the LinkedIn Company Page is that you can see certain analytics from your visitors, your updates and your followers, and see the talent brand analysis, which is divided into four types: highlights hiring, company talent flows, talent recruitment and candidate behavior.If you want to learn more about the world of Social Networks and Digital Marketing, subscribe to my blog and receive all the news and exclusive gifts in your email.Recipients: The electronic bulletins or newsletter are managed by entities whose headquarters and servers are within the territory of the EU or by entities covered by the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement, complying with the precepts of the European Data Protection Regulation in terms of privacy and security.Rights: Access, rectify and delete the data, as well as other rights, as explained in the additional information.It is essential that you have a good URL for your LinkedIn profile, since by default some numbers appear that identify your profile, but they are not recognizable or easy to remember. Therefore, it is best to put an address that contains your first and last name.

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To change the address you must access your profile, click on the option ” Edit URL and public profile ” that appears at the beginning of the right column and will direct you to the page where you can edit all the elements of your profile.On that page, we will click on the pencil that appears in the ” Edit URL ” section of the right column and we will fill in the address with our name. This address must be unique, so if someone else is already using your first and last name, you should think about adding something else like your second last name, a symbol such as hyphens or something short that can identify what you do.To edit your statement you must access your profile page and click on the pencil in the section where your name, your headline and your statement appear. A new window will appear in which you can edit all the elements that appear in that section of your profile. Look for the option ” Extract ” and fill it in keeping in mind the following:The text must be in the first person and not be very long.
Make it clear what you do .Highlight what you do best .Use keywords that have to do with your sector to position your profile.
Include professional and personal achievements , but briefly.Add some of your values .Talk about professional experiences from which you have learned something.Don’t talk about companies, but about projects .Differentiate yourself .Invite them to continue reading your profile.In the lower right corner of the box you have a square. If you click on it you can drag and expand the section to better write your extract.LinkedIn shows you as a suggestion to assess some skills of your contacts, but if what we want is to select ourselves which skills we want to assess, we must access the profile of the professional in question and look for the ” Aptitudes and validations ” section. The list of skills that that person has included will appear there, and an icon with a “ + ” will appear to the left of each skill . If you click there, you will validate that ability and the icon will transform into a tick.The skills are ordered by number of validations, so the skills that other professionals value the most will be the ones that will appear first.

To recommend a professional, we must access their profile and look for the ” Recommendations ” section or, click on the ” More ” button that appears under the extract and next to the ” Send message ” button. In the drop-down that appears when you click, select the last option “ Recommend to ”.It will open a new window in which it will ask you to fill in what is the current position of that person and what kind of relationship you have had with that person (if you have worked together, is your client or are you his client, if you have studied together, …). Once you have filled that in, you can write the recommendation and when you send it, it will be sent to the person for approval and displayed on their profile.You can modify or eliminate the recommendations that they send you, in addition to requesting someone to make a recommendation for you.LinkedIn has a tool to publish articles called LinkedIn Pulse and that is like having a blog within the platform.To write an article you must go to the box that appears on the main page and which is used to share any publication, and click on the “Write an article” button.When you click, a new tab will open so you can write that article. Once filled out, you can save it as a draft or publish it directly.If you want to create a draft, you just have to write the article and you will see that as you write the text ” Saved ” appears above . If you do not publish it, having been saving your changes, it will appear directly in Drafts. If you click on ” More / Drafts ” you can see all your drafts and continue writing, publish them whenever you want or delete them if you are not going to publish it finally.The articles you publish are displayed in a special section on your profile, with a large image and the headline, so they attract more attention than your normal publications.With the search bar, entering the keywords you want to search for and clicking on the ” Groups ” tab .Clicking on ” Products ” at the end of the LinkedIn top bar, and selecting the ” Groups ” option . A new tab will open in your browser where you can view your groups or see the suggestions that LinkedIn offers you.

A section for jobs appears in the LinkedIn bar. From there you can search for jobs and see the suggestions offered by the social network according to your studies, the jobs you have applied for or your employment interests.Write what job you want to search for and you can filter the search by location, to find the jobs that are closest to your home or if you want to search in a specific city to move there.Within the search you can filter by publication date,  Aol Email List , day, sector, job function, level of experience or LinkedIn functionalities.If you edit your job interests, you can add which professional profiles interest you and in which geographic area, so that when a company publishes a job position that matches your interests, LinkedIn will inform you of it.If you see an offer that you like, you can apply for the job by sending them your LinkedIn profile or CV, or save it to do it later, in case you want to think about it.
Now that you know how to use this social network, you just have to make your profile stand out on LinkedIn and start networking with professionals and companies in your sector.Is there anything else you want to know how to do on this social network? Ask me!

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