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How do Instagram statistics work?

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How do Instagram statistics work?

If you are using your Instagram account in a professional way (whether you are a personal brand or a company) you should know the statistics of your account, your publications, your stories and your IGTV or Instagram TV videos.

Because the actions you take on social networks must follow a strategy, and you will only be able to know if this strategy is the correct one or needs changes through the analysis of the results you obtain.
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Therefore, in this post, I explain how you can access the statistics provided by the social network itself (and that, for now, in all cases, it is only available in the mobile version, not on the web) and what each means. one of these metrics that appear.You may also be interested in:
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How to activate Instagram statistics?
In order to see the statistics within Instagram, you need to have a company or content creator profile. If you have a personal profile, you will not have access to the statistics of this social network.

My recommendation is that, if you have a business or are working on your personal brand as a professional, change your personal profile to one of a company or content creator, if you have not already done so. To do this, go to the settings of your Instagram account, enter the Account tab and at the bottom you will find the option to change to a company account or a creator account. Follow the instructions on Instagram and you’re done.

If this is not your case (you neither have a business nor do you work on your personal brand as a professional) you can keep your personal profile (and I recommend it, since this is the only profile that has the option to privatize your content to decide who can see it) and use applications like Metricool to know them.
Statistics of your Instagram account
In this case, we are going to see what the general  Oman Phone Number List of your Instagram account is.

How to view Instagram statistics?
We are going to see the statistics of your Instagram account. To do this, you must access your Instagram profile from the Instagram app , click on the menu with the three lines that appears in the upper right corner and select Statistics .

How do Instagram statistics work?
In the Instagram statistics we find three different sections: content, activity and audience.
Within the content section, we can see general information about the publications we have made in the last 7 days. We will see the number of posts in the feed, stories and announcements that we have shared during those days and the views they have had.
If you look closely, to the right of publications, stories and announcements you will find a link to “See all”. If you press:

In publications you will see all the publications you have made, being able to filter the data by type (everything, photos, videos, publications by sequence or carousels and purchases publications), period of time (7 days, 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and 2 years) and engagement (reach, “How to get there” clicks, website clicks, comments, emails, impressions, interactions, calls, likes, text messages, new followers, shares, saves and profile visits).
In Stories , we can filter the stories we have shared by interaction (dropouts, reach, back, “How to get” clicks, link clicks, website clicks, emails, impressions, calls, text messages, new followers , responses, next story, taps to advance, shares and profile views) and time period (24 hours, 7 days or 14 days).
In promotions , you will be able to see the active and inactive promotions that you have made within Instagram (those that you do from the Business Manager do not appear).
Instagram Statistics – Content
In this section, we can see two graphs:

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In the first one, it shows us how many accounts we have reached in the last 7 days, for each day of the week, and below it appears the data of the total reach and the total impressions of the last 7 days.
In the second, we see the interactions we have had in the last 7 days, for each day of the week, and below, the total number of visits to the profile, the number of clicks on the website and emails.
All these data are compared with the 7 days prior to the period shown, so that you can see if the trend is positive or negative.
In this section, we can see our growth in followers , along with a graph that shows us how many followers we have gained each day, along with   Aol Email List   such as the total number of followers we have gained, the followers who have stopped following you and those who have started to follow you. If you click on the graph, you can see the results of each day separately.

Below, we will find demographic information about our followers , such as the prominent places from which they follow us, the age range of our followers and their gender.

Finally, we can see a graph about the days and hours in which our audience is active on Instagram , to know what are the best hours and the best days to publish on social networks.

Instagram Statistics – Audience
New design of the statistics of your Instagram account
Instagram has launched a new design of the general statistics of your Instagram account. It is being implemented little by little in all accounts so, if you don’t have it yet, don’t worry, you don’t have to do anything, just wait.

How to see the new Instagram statistics?
To access the general statistics of your account you must access your profile and either, or click on the Statistics button that you will find in the center under the Edit profile button , or click on the menu of the three lines (in the corner top right of your profile) and select Statistics . From both places we arrive at the same place.
How do the new Instagram statistics work?
In the new design we find a brief summary of recent highlights (in the last 7 days) and two sections:

Instagram Statistics – New Design
In this section we can access three different statistics:

Accounts reached . Here you will find the number of accounts you have reached in the last 7 days, a graph of how many accounts you have reached per day, the number of impressions you have had, the visits to your profile, the number of touches on the website, on the email, how to get there or call, and below all statistics you will find the percentage that has increased or decreased with respect to the previous period. Below you can see the IGTV posts, stories and videos featured in that period (based on reach).
Interactions with the content . Here you will find the number of interactions you’ve had in the last 7 days, the number of likes, the number of comments, the number of times your content has been saved, the number of times your content has been shared the interactions you’ve had on stories, the number of responses, and the interactions with your IGTV videos. Below all these statistics, you will find a percentage that indicates the growth or decrease that you have had in each metric with respect to the previous period. And below, you will again find the IGTV posts, stories and videos featured in that period (in this case, based on interactions).
Total followers . Here you will find the information about your followers: a graph of how many followers you have increased in the last 7 days (taking into account how many have followed you, how many have unfollowed you and the total), the 5 cities or 5 countries of the majority of your followers, the age range of your followers (which you can filter according to their gender), the percentage of men and women who follow you and your most active moments (in hours and days).
Content you have shared
You will be able to access the statistics of your publications, stories, IGTV videos and promotions . By clicking on any of these, you will be able to see the latest publications ordered according to the reach they have obtained.
You will find filters to select the type of content you want to see (only in the case of publications), the type of metric by which you want them to be ordered and the period of time you want it to take for the analysis.
In the case of Promotions , you will see the option to create a promotion (it will suggest one of your content that has had good interaction) and the option to see your previous promotions. In the latter case, a list of your promotions will appear and you will be able to see the statistics one by one.
From Accounts Reached and Content Interactions , specifically from Featured Posts , you can get to the same place and see the same statistics that I just told you about.
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Statistics of your Instagram post
Now, we are going to see the statistics that Instagram provides us on each of the publications we share.

How to see the statistics of your Instagram post?
To see these statistics, go to the publication you want to analyze and, under the content you have shared, you will see a link that says “View statistics” .

If you press, they will appear at the bottom of your device and, by sliding up, we will be able to see the complete statistics of that publication.

What do your Instagram post stats mean?
As soon as we click on the link we can see a summary of the interactions that this publication has had : number of likes, number of comments, number of shares and number of saves.

But, if we swipe up, we can see more statistics of that same publication such as:

Profile visits.
Post scope (number of people who have seen our post).
Number of actions that have been taken since that publication.
Clicks on the website.
New followers that we have gained thanks to that publication.
Impressions (number of times our publication has been viewed).
From where they have seen our publication (beginning, from the hashtags, from our profile, or another origin).
And finally, promotion statistics, in the event that we have promoted that publication from Instagram.
Instagram Statistics – Publication
Instagram Stories statistics
Using Instagram stories as part of your strategy has become essential if you want to be present in the mind of your consumer, without having to be creating more elaborate content such as the feed (although this does not mean that you publish anything in stories).

Let’s see how you can see the statistics of the stories on Instagram.

How to see the statistics of Instagram Stories?
To see the statistics, go to your stories, select the story you want to analyze and make the gesture of swiping up with your finger.

What do the Instagram Stories statistics mean?
Two sections appear:

The first, which has the icon of a bar graph , gives you information about the statistics such as the actions that have been carried out in that story, the number of touches on the sticker (in case you have included a sticker in your story) , the number of visits to the profile that have occurred thanks to that story, the number of clicks on the website, the number of accounts reached, the number of impressions it has had, the number of new followers, the number of setbacks ( a person has gone back to see that story again), the number of times that has been passed to the next story, the number of times that has been passed to the next story of another account different from ours and the number of abandonments .
In the second, which appears with an eye icon and next to a number , it is the number of views our story has had and we can see who has seen it and send them a direct message from that same list.
It is important that you know the difference between the “ Next ” statistic and the “ Next Story ” statistic . In the first, the user clicks on the right side of the story to go to the next story in your account, but in the second, swipe from right to left to go to the next story in a different account.
You will also find four icons on the right, which are not statistics, but I will comment on it anyway:

The rising arrow icon , which is to promote the story within Instagram.
The down arrow icon , to download the story if you had not saved it when you created it.
The up arrow icon , to share that story on your feed directly.
The trash icon , to delete your story without having to wait 24 hours for it to be automatically deleted.
Instagram Statistics – Stories
IGTV statistics
IGTV is the Instagram video channel, in which you can upload videos of more than 1 minute in length (time limit of the videos you publish in the feed) and that allows you to put a clickable link in the description of the video.

How to view IGTV statistics?
To see these statistics, you must have an IGTV channel created and you must have at least one published video. You must access the video you want to analyze, click on the icon with the three ellipsis and choose the option “See statistics”.

What do the IGTV stats mean?
In the IGTV videos we can see the statistics:

Number of views , counting the people who have seen at least 3 seconds of your video.
Number of likes .
Number of comments .
Average played percentage of the video , taking into account all the reproductions.
And a graph that shows us the percentage of reproductions in progress at a certain moment of the video.
Now that you know all the metrics that you can know thanks to Instagram statistics, it is time for you to choose which ones are the most relevant to your business and your objective and monitor them periodically to know if the strategy you are carrying out on Instagram is being effective or you must make changes.

I recommend that you create a document in which you take note of the most relevant statistics for your business periodically, in order to also be able to analyze whether or not you are improving with respect to the previous period.

Because if you don’t measure, you can’t know what is working well and what is wrong and, therefore, you cannot improve.

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