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The Digital Content Industry Had a Turnover of 9.125 Million Euros in 2010

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The Digital Content Industry Had a Turnover of 9.125 Million Euros in 2010

The audiovisual sector is consolidated as the engine of the digital industry indigital Marketing Courses Digital Marketing of the Spanish population consumes digital content through the Internet or through an electronic device not connected to the Internet. The digital content industry in Spain had a turnover of 9.125 million euros in 2010. 14.1% more than in 2009. According to the Annual Report on Digital Content in Spain 2011. Prepared by the National Observatory of Telecommunications and of the Information Society (ONTSI). Presented today within the framework of FICOD 2011 (International Forum on Digital Content). Held at the Municipal Palace of Congresses in Madrid. The main magnitudes of the sectors of the digital content industry are detailed below: Video game In 2010. The turnover from the sale of video game software in Spain amounted to 631 million euros. Remaining at the same level as the previous year.

The Report Determines That 93% of the Business Corresponds

Games for the console. Although there is an increasing growth in the consumption of online video games due to the development of interactive entertainment platforms based on ‘the cloud’. Whose main advantage of direct access from any device with an Internet connection. A new fullcontact alternative is also coined in this digital sector. The figure of the “prosumer”. Which emerges with games with editing capabilities. In such a way that the user becomes a developer of the video game while using it as a form of leisure. Music The Annual Report points out that the digital music sector increased its turnover by more than 10% in 2010. Reaching 192 million euros. Downloadable music generated 29 million euros. Of which 41.8% corresponds to streaming music. Music “in the cloud” is a service that.

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For Its Part The Music Video Has Undergone a Rapid Expansion

On Internet platforms and currently serves as an important support to the record companies. The sector due to the potential they present in terms of content dissemination. Film and Video The film and video sector ranked second in terms of revenue from the digital business with a turnover of 2.571 million euros. This figure represents an increase of 5.1% compared to that reached the previous year. Which AOL Email List the sector in the digital content industry thanks to the adoption of new technologies such as 3D. The ONTSI study specifies that the viewing of videos on the Internet has become the main source of growth in network traffic. With the average consumption of online productions being above 16 hours per user per month. Audiovisual The audiovisual sector is consolidated as the engine of the digital content industry with 44% of the total turnover in 2010.a

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