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Guide to Creating Images for Social Networks II

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Guide to Creating Images for Social Networks II

We continue with our guide on how to correctly share our images on social networks, in addition to those necessary to create our profiles, both personal and professional . In this second part we will focus on LinkedIn, the professional network par excellence, in addition to Instagram and Pinterest, more focused on sharing only images and photographs. Guide to Creating Images for Social Networks (I) We did not comment on it in the previous article, but it may be advisable to also use an image optimization tool , so that they weigh less without losing quality. This is very suitable if we usually use mobile networks or do not have a flat internet rate, where each consumption counts.

Personal Profile Image Company Profile

Personally, my favorite is Squoosh , which has background remove service updated a few days ago to support the AVIF format, which want to talk about soon. TinyPNG and Kraken.io also work very well . Without forgetting, of course, that Photoshop itself allows us to save images optimized for the web. Anyway, let’s not delay any longer and start reviewing the appropriate image resolutions and sizes to consider on LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. LinkedIn The social network par excellence in professional environments . It used both to in contact with colleagues in your same professional field, and to share your projects and your professional experience. And as a company it is ideal to be in contact with clients, find future clients, and keep them up to date with your news and updates.

background remove service

Position of the profile picture on LinkedIn On LinkedIn

In both profiles, the size of the profile AOL Email List photo is the same: 400x400px, although it will displayed at 300x300px on the screen. However, there is a small difference. In the personal profile, the image will be displayed in a circular format, while in the company profile it will be in a square format. So we must take this into account so that no detail is left out. Cover Image on Personal Profile Company Profile – 1584x396px / 1192x220px Position of the header image on LinkedIn Again, the header image changes if we are talking about a personal profile (1584x396px) or a company profile (1192x220px). In both cases, the profile image obscures part of the cover image . Share Link Image – 1200x627px Link Share Image Position on LinkedIn.

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