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Google patents, a world of technological solutions that mark the future of SEO

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Google patents, a world of technological solutions that mark the future of SEO

Google is much more than a search engine on the France Mobile Number Database. This technology giant is specialized in all kinds of products and services on the web; among them, the search engine that millions of users use every day around the world.In 2006 Google Patents was born, a division of the search engine where you can find more than 120 million publications of patents registered in patent offices around the world.But in this article I’m not going to tell you about Google’s patent search engine. Today I want to talk to you about the patents that the American multinational has registered , and that you should know because they can modify your way of doing SEO and generating content.We will see 2 examples of Google patents and how you can adapt to them by applying SEO that will lead you to surf the top positions of the search engine.What are technology patents?You already know that a patent is nothing more than the protection of the intellectual property rights of the company that registers it with the relevant office. Given the technological advances that we are experiencing, companies such as Google, Microsoft or Apple, among many others, are taking advantage of this situation to duly register their technological patents .In the case of Google, we have examples of patents as curious as an autonomous truck that makes home deliveries, or the improved version of Google glass, among the many that it already has registered. I want to emphasize some Google patents that can interfere with the way of doing SEO from a web page. Next, I am going to share with you 2 examples of patents that are related to user search .Google And Seo Patents2 Google patents to help you stay up to date with SEO Did you know that Google changes its algorithm around 500 times a year ? It is very likely that most of these changes do not affect you; However, every time that the Internet great announces a major change in its algorithm, more than one company starts to tremble because it does affect all the web pages of the globesphere.It is essential that you stay alert seeing in which direction Google is moving ; In this way, you can always change your strategy and the way you do SEO according to the algorithm’s modifications.Let’s look at 2 examples of Google patents and how you can adapt to them.This patent was launched by Google in 2015 and responds to the increasingly demanding needs of Internet users. And it is that Google realized the speed and specificity of response that users expect every time they make their query; Furthermore, this answer is displayed in different multimedia formats so that the user himself decides how he wants to see his answer.Google’s patent for rich content and whose code is , has managed to interpret the words that users use, gathering millions of search variants in a single result .For example, a user who wants to listen, know or read the songs of The Rolling Stones, no matter how they search; Google will always interpret that you are looking for information about the mythical rock group.

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For this reason, for some time now, every time we enter any query in the search engine, a collection of results appears in various formats, as well as an extract in list format of outstanding content.And it is precisely this outstanding result that gets the most traffic ; because users always want to know more. Today there are still many web pages that implement Schema in order to achieve that much desired positioning.Schema is a structured data model that was created between Google, Bing, Yandex, and Yahoo as a structured data structured language. Its purpose is to help you describe the content of your website in a way that is easier for search engines to interpret. Schema is used through properties that are added to HTML tags on the page. There are thousands of them to choose from, but here are the top 3 related to rich media response sections: itemscope : this tag is usually attached to div or spam to tell bots that the section goes together. itemprop – Usually itemprop is appended to HTML tags – not divs. itemtype : is the label that allows you to choose the section of your content where the text you want to be displayed is located.Through this patent, which was registered in 2012 under the number 20150183440 , Google intends to monitor the trips made by users in order to determine their quality . The patent suggests obtaining these data through a sensor installed in the Aol Email List , which will then be stored and transmitted through the computer on board the vehicle or with applications such as Google Maps.In fact, if you have noticed, the information offered by this software has improved a lot since its inception. Just as the way people travel has changed.Now we can create trips a la carte, organizing routes and visits to the places that interest us the most. And all, thanks to the help of applications and tools that provide us with this information.I imagine you are wondering what you have to do with Google Maps and this patent that I am talking about, if your website and your company have nothing to do with the tourism sector.It is very simple; think that people have a lot of time while traveling . And users do not give up looking at their phones and entertaining themselves while they arrive at their destinations, or when they are resting on the hotel terrace.This can give you clues when creating and generating content on your website and on your blog . Podcasts are booming because of the ease of being able to listen to them anywhere; posts with a large number of words, and that offer a great amount of information, are the favorites of people while they travel.How do you have your content marketing strategy ? Looking to the future and being well informed of everything that happens around you is a guarantee of success and relevance for your company. The way users behave when we want something from Google is also constantly changing. We are at a time where hyper-segmentation of content , along with its length or the way in which you offer it to your community, is the most important thing.For this reason, Google’s patents provide you with many clues to know where the search engine’s algorithm is heading . Or do you prefer to wait for the big changes with which you have to lose a week of positioning until you update your website?Did you know about Google patents? What are the ones that have helped you the most to understand the behavior of the search engine? Tell us in comments, we will love to read you.

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