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Google celebrates its 15 years with a trip back in time

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Google celebrates its 15 years with a trip back in time

The history of the Google search engine dates back to September 1998, exactly 15 years ago. As of today, Google responds to more than 3 billion searches and takes an average of one-eighth of a second to respond. The strategy current Google is moving from being a search engine one of knowledge Senegal Phone Number List. Type in “Google in 1998” and you will see how you travel in time.

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As part of the celebration, and as expected, Google launched a new interactive doodle . The 15-year-old doodle , which becomes a fun game with which you can have a good time. However, a less obvious novelty, which is already circulating on the networks, is the fact that typing “Google in 1998” (without quotes) gives you the opportunity Phone Number List to do a “time travel”, which takes you from the browser interface in 2013 to 1998, with all the characteristics that users knew in those times: the original logo, the typography, the way of presenting the answers and even the other search engines that existed in the market.

This is what the Google page looks like today when you type “Google in 1998” (provided that Google is the preferred search engine and there are no plug-ins installed to prevent it).

It should be noted that at the bottom are the brands that in those years competed with Google as search engines on the internet. Some companies, owners of those brands, no longer exist, and others have been transformed: AltaVista, Excite, HotBot, Infoseek, Lycos, Deja, Yahoo !, Amazon, and so on.

The announcement was made by Matt Cutts, director of the department against spam at Google, through his Twitter account , in a tweet with the league that says: “Google turns fifteen this month.

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