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Gender warfare in digital: 14 facts you should know

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Gender warfare in digital: 14 facts you should know

Considering information from media Connection, we share 14 pieces of information that reflect the “gender war” in digital. At the beginning of this year, the number of Internet users globally reached 2,400 million, of which 1,100 million were concentrated in Asia, 519 million in Europe, 274 million in North America and 255 in Latin America and the Caribbean Sweden Phone Number List, according to figures from Ping doom . This universe of billions of users is made up of men and women who, despite having access to the same tools, resources and services, do not interact in the digital world in the same way.

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For brands to know the way in the characteristic features of each gender, it is vital to develop strategies that are relevant for each of the targets they want to impact.

With the intention of opening the picture in this regard, considering information Phone Number List from iMedia Connection , we share 14 pieces of information that reflect the “gender war” in digital:

1.- Men represent 41 percent of all Internet users globally.

2.-In the offline world, 64 percent of women say that shopping improves their mood, while the figure drops to 40 percent in the case of men. However, men spend more (30 percent) on online purchases than women.

3.- Men (24 percent) are more likely to use mobile technology than women (19 percent).

4.-Only 33 percent of women assure that they would make all of their purchases through the internet.

5.- Women (48 percent) visit more brand pages on social media than men (43 percent).

6.-When making purchases online , women (14 percent) pay more attention to commercial e-mails than men (8 percent.

7.-Men (33 percent) spend more time than women (26 percent) to consult information about the products they want to purchase through online platforms.

8.-When they find discounts through the internet , women (71 percent) are more likely to make purchases online than men (57 percent)

9.-Women spend 30 percent more than men on social networks.

10.-62 percent of total Twitter users are women.

11.-On Facebook, women represent 58 percent of the total community, with which 62 percent of the “ shares ” are from the female gender.

12.-80 percent of Pinterest users are women.

13.- Google+ (64 percent) and LinkedIn (54 percent) are male social networks.

14.-25 percent of male Internet users watch videos on YouTube , while the percentage drops to 17 percent in the case of women.

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