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Gamification and Marketing Games: How to Easily Integrate Them Into Your Communication

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Gamification and Marketing Games: How to Easily Integrate Them Into Your Communication

Capturing the public’s attention and quickly generating enthusiasm are essential issues for any communication operation. Fortunately, more and more innovative Gamification and Marketing Games tools make it possible to achieve these objectives without too much difficulty. Summary : 5 good reasons to use the marketing game Set up an interactive cross-channel marketing campaign The different game mechanics 5 good reasons to use the marketing game Create and animate your community The marketing game allows you to create interaction with your community , on any medium: a website, the various accounts of your social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and even on applications that can host a competition game.

Animating a community is a long-term job which also requires knowing how to be Denmark WhatsApp Number List in order to generate enthusiasm. What could be better than a fun concept to generate emotion around your marketing game and encourage prospects to share, like or participate? The objective being to avoid zapping and to mark the mind of the prospect, attract the attention of your potential customers to your contests thanks to an aesthetic and original visual. Better qualify your audience Gamification softens the relationship with your customers thanks to the sympathetic bond it forges with the prospect. This facilitates the commercial reception of your proposal, but also the collection of data from your customers.

The Marketing Game Allows You to Create Interaction With Your Community

Once the information has been collected, sorting work must take place in order to have quality data and to develop a targeted sales campaign. Increase your ROI The information collected through the game to qualify its audience is essential to conduct an effective advertising campaign. Web marketing offers many tools to subsequently convert your prospects into future customers: content marketing, customer testimonials, feature articles or interviews with experts in your sector of activity, are just as many examples to put in place. to convince your target. Coupling these actions with the creation of a contest, undoubtedly improves the return on investment (ROI), the main stake of the marketing manager, because it is not always easy to convert prospects into customers


Numerous studies demonstrate the effectiveness of this tool in improving its return on investment through innovative and fun communication. This is also why more and more companies of all sizes are now using the technique of marketing games. Have a fun and original approach to communicate On the other hand, gamification intended for the general public meets several communication objectives: Visibility work : the playful aspect of the game is more conducive to virality, to buzz, which would allow a brand greater exposure. Image work : gamification immediately gives a “friendly” image of a brand to the general public. Providing an original experience is essential to stand out from the multitude of new content created every day.

Web Marketing Offers Many Tools to Subsequently Convert Your Prospects Into Future Customers

A lever for loyalty : having a clientele is good, succeeding in retaining them is better! Gamification makes it possible to create a richer relationship than a simple loyalty card by making the customer an actor and no longer passive waiting. Facilitate internal communication Moreover, if the game is an opportunity to communicate with its audience and its customers, it is just as effective when used in human resources. Whether as a tool for social integration to support a new employee in their onboarding or to motivate employees in order to make them adhere to the projects, values ​​and strategies of companies. So many issues that it is possible to deal with with a playful approach. agence-seo

Discover the best rated web agencies according to their specialty Showcase website creation Ecommerce website creation Application mobile The best agencies Set up an interactive cross-channel marketing campaign Creating interactive content in minutes Going through an online solution specializing in creating marketing games , no technical knowledge is required. No code or complex manipulations. In most cases, just add your text and image content, then the system will take care of the rest. This allows you to save considerable time, to focus only on your objectives, while automating the design of your games, quizzes and interactive content .

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