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Full review on Mail Poet, the newsletter sending plugin on WordPress

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Full review on Mail Poet, the newsletter sending plugin on WordPress

Are you looking for a quality and easy-to-use plugin to send newsletters directly from the interface of your WordPress site ? We will introduce you to one of them: Mail Poet. Launched in 2011, Mail Poet is used on nearly 300,000 websites around the world. How to install it? How to use it ? What are its advantages and  disadvantages? Discover our test & opinion on Mail Poet. Launched in 2011, initially under the name Full review on Mail (What You Send Is Just Awesome), Mail Poet is a WordPress newsletter management plugin that exists in both free and premium versions. It has been downloaded nearly 4 million times and is now active on nearly 300,000 WordPress sites

On the WordPress.org site, is consistently in the top 3 for newsletter query plugins. Mail Poet allows you to create newsletter registration forms , manage your mailing lists send your newsletters directly in the WordPress interface, Iran Phone Number List needing to use a third-party tool like MailChimp for example. Although initially focused on the management of newsletters, Mail Poet has gradually become a complete email marketing platform , also managing automatic emails. 2017 is the year of publication of Mail Poet V3. It is this version that we are going to Free – Free, up to 2,000 subscribers.

How to install Mail Poet on WordPress?

The free offer provides access to the 30 templates, the email editor, the form editor, the notification system and support (chat, email) in exchange for a Mail Poet advertisement in the site footer. Premium – $ 99 per year, with unlimited subscribers. With this formula, sending emails is managed by your emailing platform or by your host. This formula allows you to benefit from priority support, remove Mail Poet advertising in the footer, access the analytics tool and integration with Woo Commerce . Premium + Sending – price proportional to the number of subscribers. This plan, the most expensive, allows you to benefit from the Mail Poet email sending platform.


New free plan planned for May with Premium features but for 1000 subscribers or less. How to install Mail Poet on WordPress? To install Mail Poet on your website, you must first download the plugin by going to the WordPress.org page . You can also (and by the way the simplest solution, the one we recommend) install Mail Poet by going to the “Extensions” menu of your WordPress account and typing “Mail Poet” in the search bar. Once installed and activated, the extension appears in your WordPress menu: he installation is therefore carried out in a few minutes, like all WordPress plugins.

An email editor: newsletters, welcome, article notifications

The Mail Poet team has also set up this demo which seems very relevant and practical for those who would like to test without installing everything. An email editor: newsletters, welcome, article notifications Mail Poet is first and foremost an email editing solution. The extension allows you to create your emails directly from the WordPress interface. The previous version of only allowed you to create newsletter type emails. With V3, you can create: We were really pleasantly surprised by the quality of the email templates offered by Mail Poet. The extension offers around fifty newsletter templates:

About ten welcome email templates. These are automatic emails sent: when a visitor subscribes to your list OR when a new WordPress user is added. And a dozen email notification templates for recent articles. This type of email actually automates the sending of your newsletters. You can define the sending period: daily, weekly, monthly on / each by specifying the precise time of sending. Note that you have the possibility of creating emails from scratch, using an empty 1 column template. You can also import your own templates if you have any. When you select an email template, a video will play showing you how to use the editor.

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