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Formalize the tree structure on paper or using modeling software .

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Formalize the tree structure on paper or using modeling software .

The tree structure of a website allows you to have a global vision of the site and the navigation routes before making the models of the main pages. Carrying out a plan for your website is often a very difficult exercise. It is never easy to organize content, which is often more heterogeneous than you initially imagine. Above all, making a plan is about prioritizing, making choices, which can take time and create discussions in a team. It is a difficult exercise, but oh so important. Without good navigation, a website, no matter how pretty, is unlikely to achieve its goals. This sheet should give you all the keys to understand the issues and concretely create the tree structure of your website.

This is usually the first step when designing a website. Once the tree structure of the website has Peru Phone Number List validated, the whole team has an overview of the site, and you can go down a level to look at the pages for the realization of the models. . The next step is to carry out the zonings of the pages, that is to say cut the main pages into zones, for example, a horizontal rectangle for the logo and the main menu, a vertical rectangle on the left for the secondary menu, etc. Then, we go from zoning towireframes where we add the main texts and graphic components, then finally wireframes to the graphic models of the website.

The tree structure of a website, a fundamental step in the creation of your website

Create your website for free without a line of code with Tested and approved by La Fabrique du Net! Create your site without coding Create the tree structure of your website in 5 steps . List all the contents of the site First of all, you must list all the elements that you want to appear on your website. At first, there is no need to reason in pages, this can slow you down, rather reason in ideas or objects, being as exhaustive as possible. You will see a little later how to organize your ideas and objects in pages.


Of course, identifying the main types of content on your website up front can be very helpful. For an industrial company that seeks to promote its activities on the Internet, the content could for example be listed as follows: Offers & services: General activity, Area of ​​expertise 1, Area of ​​expertise 2, Strengths Catalog: Range 1 (3 products), Range 2 (8 products), Range 3 (2 products) About: Contact, Offices, Who we are, Legal notices Need Email / Automation software? La Fabrique du net uses and recommends Sendinblue , probably the best Email / Automation tool for VSEs / SMEs.

For an industrial company that seeks to promote its activities on the Internet

Analyze the tree structure of your competitors The tree structure of your competitors is often a mine of useful information. Concretely, the first interest is to make sure that you have not forgotten an idea or an important dimension in your sector of activity when you have listed the contents. The second goal of studying your competition tree is to give you ideas for organizing content. Each of your competitors has probably defined a typology of products or services which is specific to them, it is up to you to analyze them to see to what extent this can inspire you.


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