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For Successful Marketing First The Concept

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For Successful Marketing First The Concept

Business marketing is a complex subject that often represents a major challenge. It is not uncommon for company decision-makers to give it secondary importance because their time and budget are precious to them and are devoted to the development of the product or service. The question of the right marketing strategies and their successful implementation through tailor-made campaigns usually only arises once managers and business leaders face problems in the market. It could be a lack of visibility, or the influence of competitors who react more quickly. It is at this time at the latest that voices begin to rise: “We urgently need a marketing strategy”. Why should a business take marketing seriously?

In many companies, New Zealand WhatsApp Number List is only implemented in reaction, that is to say, it is rather the result of chance and is applied spontaneously following a need. Often the question of utility, timing and budget gets lost or is not addressed by the stakeholders involved. The reasons are partly the lack of experience of the management or a bad time management because the organization of the daily life of the company often misses priorities. As a result, strategies or measures are not sufficiently coordinated, fall flat with clients and prove ineffective. Without strategy and analysis as well as the right measures, business marketing will remain ineffective, no matter how small. Business decision-makers should therefore ask themselves the following questions from the start

It Could Be a Lack of Visibility, or the Influence of Competitors Who React More Quickly

Has a status quo been determined? Are the marketing objectives defined? Is there a strategy? Has a marketing plan been established to implement the strategy? Are the marketing measures applied in a structured way? Are the expected results obtained? If heads of departments or companies answer “No” to many of these questions, this is a clear indication that the company needs to be actively working on its marketing measures. Speaking of which : Advertising is an important part of marketing and begins with an attractive design of printed materials such as business cards, brochures and fact sheets, but also includes banners and exhibition panels designed by designers. professionals.

You will thus have visual aids for an effective strategy! What is


a marketing strategy? By “marketing strategy”, experts by definition mean a long-term plan to achieve marketing goals. In this context, the objectives must correspond to those of the company and can be determined according to market segmentation or market research. A marketing strategy allows a company not only to define a direction, but also a concrete path for example to reach a turnover or a certain level of visibility of the brand over a determined period. To do this, it is essential to formulate clear objectives to be achieved both in the short term and in the long term. In this context, the short term is one to two years, while a long term strategy is three to five years.

A Marketing Strategy Allows a Company Not Only to Define a Direction

Business leaders therefore need to reassess their guiding principles and determine whether to market themselves as a sustainable producer or an innovative visionary. In addition, there is the question of whether marketing strategies and planning should be worked on internally or be outsourced to external service providers. A marketing strategy is only successful if it is tailored to the business. This is why an upstream analysis of the company’s situation is necessary, as well as clearly defined results arising from the established objectives. For example: if the objective is to improve the image of the company, the strategy should explain what a clear presentation of the company would consist of, inside and out. Practical steps for implementation should be laid down in a marketing plan

. At the end of the day, the employees of the marketing control or the head of the company check whether the result is positive. Strategists use the SWOT tool Four letters, lots of added value: the term SWOT comes from English and stands for “Strength”, “Weakness”, “Opportunity” and “Threat”. This strategy makes it easy to determine the characteristics of the company, to see if positive or negative factors prevail. SWOT analysis is a strategic planning method that represents the first step in strategy development. Its result tells the company’s decision-makers what needs to be strategically focused on them. For example, in the case of an internal business analysis, all characteristics that represent particular strengths or weaknesses should be listed. The same method applies for market analysis and customer analysis.

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