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Find out how to promote your app with Digital Marketing

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Find out how to promote your app with Digital Marketing

The digital marketing market as well as the apps market has taken on a gigantic proportion not only in recent years, but especially in recent months. With the need for online consumption due to the pandemic, new strategies and technologies – in addition to increasingly fierce competition – began to emerge. In this scenario, it is essential to differentiate yourself from the others and promote your app to be increasingly present in your persona ‘s day-to-day ! Wait… what is persona? In general, all digital marketing strategies start with the elaboration of the persona , that is, a “representative of the ideal customer”, that person to whom you want to present your product or service because you believe that they have the solution to their problems or needs.

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In practice your brand’s persona is your communication channel with the target audience because it is with this character in mind Changsha Mobile Phone Number List that all the language, direction and objectives are defined. When we work with app promotion , focusing on the persona’s profile and behavior is more than a good practice: it’s mandatory! We prepare your hypothetical customer based on quantitative and qualitative data , that is, from market research, competitor analysis, media studies and the brand’s purchase history. From there, regular publications on Facebook, Instagram and other social networks will help maintain public interest, establish brand authority and enable communication. To follow up on lead qualification, we can use another very effective Digital Marketing strategy.

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To follow up on lead qualification

In short it is about producing online content – ​​preferably on social networks – that instigate arouse curiosity and attract your AOL Email List persona to the launch. In these materials, it is essential to highlight the differentials , advantages and functionalities of the application, providing the audience with all the information necessary to use it correctly , even before having downloaded it. When the moment of launch comes, the ideal is to bet on ad campaigns , with buttons, links and other triggers to direct the public to the download, whatever the platform on which the reach has occurred. All you need to do is ensure that your platform is intuitive, responsive and interesting, while a team specialized in digital performance and results devises the best strategy to promote, promote and position your business in the market.

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