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Elogia Pharma is born to promote the digital transformation of the health sector!

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Elogia Pharma is born to promote the digital transformation of the health sector!

The digital transformation of the health sector is offering many new opportunities, as a consequence of the change it has brought about in the relationship between all its stakeholders. In addition, the health alert has caused this to be a unique moment in the relationship with all of them.

Evaluation test, what is the degree of digitization of your pharma brand?Elogia Pharma was born with the spirit of contributing with all its knowledge to help a sector, which has had to accelerate its digitization process as a result of the health crisis, turning Healthcare & Pharma  Tunisia Phone Number List into a challenge.That patients are increasingly digitized and that the Internet has empowered them in making decisions regarding health, is nothing new. That the term digital patient is no longer just a trend , either. And that, in addition and circumstantially, the pandemic has accelerated this entire process , fostering the co-responsibility of patients regarding their own care, is a new reality.But that we see it as a reality, does not mean that it has no detractors. The professional, on the one hand, hides himself in the fact that e-health reduces too much the doctor’s contact with the patient to replace it with digital channels, eliminating the face-to-face that allows knowing their concerns, analyzing their reactions and touching them in case of as necessary.On the other hand, the patient has become proactive and faced with the uncertainty of an ailment, he seeks information about his health on the internet, from symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, etc. with the consequent danger that said search could replace medical criteria or a diagnosis.But like everything in life, the ideal would be balance. In other words, combining the advantages of both: combining the benefits of everything digital with the person-to-person experience , seeking the ideal ratio for each patient according to the assistance they need and making use of these tools to lay the foundations of a collaborative medical relationship. -patient.This new paradigm in communication in the health sector, which has come to stay, is also assuming a change for another of the major stakeholders in the sector: the pharmaceutical industry.The healthcare digitization process has allowed this industry to discover new ways to connect, both with HCPs (Health Care Providers) and directly with patients. And this fact, thanks to the complicated health situation we are experiencing, is becoming one of its main challenges for years to come, as the sector has been forced to incorporate technology and digital channels into its marketing plans in order to be able to access all your audiences .In reality, this new form of communication should not be seen as a challenge, but as an opportunity. Incorporating digital media in the marketing plan and / or combining them with traditional media, not only improves the reputation as a company, but also strengthens the sustainability of its development.

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At the same time, it allows access to customers, whether they are patients or professionals, in many other ways and in a more personalized and segmented way, adding value and helping to be perceived as a partner in health rather than a mere manufacturer of medicines. However, digital Healthcare & Pharma Marketing has a series of barriers to overcome, related to very different aspects:A very restrictive legal framework , different for each product category. Different, even, in each country. Although understandable considering the responsibility of managing health-related communication.The pharmacist continues to be the main influencer and, therefore, the great prescriber. The slowdown in the digitization of the sector in general, as a consequence, in some cases, of the lack of support due to the lack of a direct relationship between the shares and the profitability of purchases.Nobody said it was easy. But impossible either. And less for our team. Elogia Pharma is made up of a team of professionals from the  Aol Email List sector with extensive experience, more than 20 years as a leading marketing agency in the digital world and more than 10 carrying out projects for the pharmaceutical, health and wellness industry. A team that knows that in this sector, the key is flexibility and agility , so it is able to adapt quickly to possible market situations. But above all, that R&D is in its DNA, since it knows that innovation is an essential part of any project and that, therefore, it addresses problems from different perspectives, to generate improvement and business opportunities.Test Do you want to know the degree of digitization of your pharma brand?
And to finish we leave you a small quiz for all those professional brands in this sector. We challenge you to dedicate 3 minutes to know the degree of digitization you have. We promise that it will be enjoyable and that it will give you value to know what your starting point is. Do you dare to share the results? 😉

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