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Does social media influence consumer purchasing decisions or not?

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Does social media influence consumer purchasing decisions or not?

A new research report published by Temkin examines the limited effect of social media on purchasing decisions and the influence they have on consumers. The analysis revealed that communication channels and social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have a low level of influence in the purchase of products and categories such as technology, computers, romania contact number phones, TVs, insurance policies, health plans and credit cards.For the development of this study, three types of social interactions were calculated: comments and opinions on social sites and networks, ratings from analysis or reviews sites, and conversations with friends and family through this type of media.For most purchases, these social interactions reflected a weak or moderate influence on consumer decisions. However, based on their effectiveness and relevance, the ratings of the analysis sites were the ones that generated the greatest influence in certain categories.


While the overall results show very few areas where social media has a strong influence on purchasing decisions, a deeper and more segmented analysis of consumers based on different criteria such as age, income and ethnic origin, or power It would be perhaps more accurate when determining this estimate of the influence on consumer purchasing decisions, since its effect can be quite disparate and different from these preliminary analyzes when the information is analyzed in a more precise and segmented way. . Even so, the report itself highlights the need forĀ  Aol Email List to understand how their customers make decisions and act or develop their strategies based on this, also taking into account that the current boom in social networks at the moment seems not to be enough to have a decisive influence on consumer purchasing decisions. Especially if we refer to what refers to the investigation of services and products through the network by users.A recent related study developed by Business Insider for Bank of America analyzed this trend by comparing the use of social media and search engines for this purpose. The main findings indicated that almost half of the users surveyed considered the Google search engine as the main tool for researching and searching for product information.

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