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Discover how to develop an app in five steps

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Discover how to develop an app in five steps

IEBS Business & Tech 👨‍💻 Technology Blog Discover how to develop an app in five steps
It is estimated that by 2026 the applications industry will be worth more than 407 billion dollars. According to various studies, each person has an average of more than eighty applications installed, which is a great opportunity for app developers. Like any company, creating an application requires laying the foundations of the project before launch. Do you want to know how you can start developing an app ? Keep reading!

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How to develop an app in five steps
The mobile apps industry is growing steadily and last year saw its final momentum. In fact, as the pandemic spread, the daily time that users spent on applications increased considerably. It is estimated that worldwide in 2020 the weekly average in apps and games increased by 20% year- on- year during the first quarter alone.On the other hand, this was hand in hand with an increase in the level of user spending , since in the first quarter of last year around 23.4 billion dollars were spent only on Android application stores. In addition, the number of downloads in applications increased by 15%.

The categories that grew the most on Android were games, tools and entertainment, followed by health, education and business applications. In this sense, apps like ZOOM, Hangouts Meet and Microsoft Teams have played a very important role. In terms of iOS, the categories of games, photography and video have gained the largest peaks of increase, as well as those of education, business and health.Now that we are aware of the importance of this industry, we guide you so that you can develop an app without problems. Take note!

1 # Do a  UAE Phone Number List   analysis
Before starting to develop an app, you must first know the environment. You will need to define your target audience, investigate what other applications offer similar functions and what will be the added value of your product. Starting by creating a buyer persona will help you understand who your target audience will be, what they are like and what they want. You can use this information to create a detailed sales plan, as well as decide what features to include and where to market it.Once you have these points defined, it is time to investigate and deeply analyze your competition . What do they do and how do they do it? Detect those weaknesses and points of improvement to implement them when developing your app to obtain a competitive advantage. For example, if your goal is to create a weight loss application, you should spend time downloading other applications with similar functions, testing how they are doing, and reading their reviews. This will give you an idea of ​​the characteristics that the audience wants and does not like, as well as the profile of the person who uses them and how they are monetized.

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2 # How will you earn money?
There are several ways to earn money when developing an app. Choosing one way or another will depend on the sector and industry, as well as the type of audience and application. For example, if you want to launch an online gaming application, these are usually monetized through ads and purchases within them. On the other hand, dating apps typically charge a monthly subscription fee. To give you an idea, the most common monetization methods are the following:Ads: It’s about creating a free app and making money by putting ads in the app. It is normally offered in parallel with a payment plan.
Single payment: It consists of charging a single fee to access the application. The only problem with this option is that you don’t have a continuous stream of revenue for updates, redesigns, and marketing.
Monthly subscription: The company charges a small monthly fee to access the app. This allows them to maintain a steady stream of income, making it easy to pay salaries and invest in Aol Email List.
Freemium: These are the apps that give users access to a limited plan for free and then if they want they can pay to access all the functions.
Purchases from the application: You offer a free application but encourage users to buy items within it.
Each monetization method has its advantages and disadvantages, as some users may be bothered by a large number of ads or by paying for subscription services. In fact, many companies use several methods at the same time. The thing is to try until you find the right one.MBA IN DIGITAL BUSINESS
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3 # Create a Business plan
Usually we link app development directly to coding time, but the project starts much earlier. Once we know our audience and we know how we will earn money, you will need to create a business plan. This should be a guide to the early years of the company and determine what is expected of it. A business plan must include the following aspects:A brief executive summary of the company, the product, and information about the team, location, and growth plans.
It is a detailed guide that covers from what problem the company solves to the target audience of the application and the competitive advantages it offers.
A summary of the market analysis you have researched that covers the strengths of the app, the trends it leverages and the comparison with the competition.
It consists of explaining who is in charge of the business and how the company is structured. Include a list of managers, their CVs and even a summary of the benefits each one brings.
A description of what the application does and how it benefits customers. Includes plans for patent or copyright applications, if applicable.
A summary of the marketing strategy and how it will be readjusted over time. It covers how you plan to attract and retain customers, the sales process, and where you will focus your marketing efforts.
Information about costs , where that money will come from and possible earnings. The costs of creating an application can be low but you will need money for things like web hosting, advertising, etc.
Forecast sales for the first year, five years and ten years, and be sure to explain how you will reach those numbers and describe where the funds will come from
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4 # Develop the app
Now that you have all the information you need about your application, it is time to start developing it. For starters, you have three common ways to do it.

First of all, we found the option to code the application ourselves. If you have the necessary technological knowledge, you can code it yourself. If not, it is always possible to learn.The advantages of this option is that it is very cheap, since the only expense you have is your time and you have total control over the functions. On the contrary, it requires a deep understanding in coding and it is necessary to invest a lot of time.HIRE AN APP DEVELOPER
This option can be quite expensive but it could help you get the application to market faster. On the one hand, as an advantage it is not necessary to know computer science but it is more expensive and you have less control over the functions.

Just as there are different tools that allow you to create web pages, there are also others that help you create applications. It is a much faster and easier option than coding or hiring an app builder, although its functionalities are limited and you have to pay to use most, although they are usually quite affordable.5 # Promote your product
Once you have the application developed, you will have to test it and download it from different devices to know that everything works well. Consider using a mobile UX testing tool to see how users navigate your app and make any necessary adjustments before embarking on the adventure. Once ready, you must submit your application to the application stores, which is where users will download it. The best known are the App Store and Google Play. Do not forget to optimize for application SEO , it will help you position yourself better and they will find you sooner.What did you think of this article about developing an app ? Leave your comments and share!And if you want to know how the digital world works, take the MBA in Digital Business . Learn to manage digital transformation in the company from the leading experts in the sector in volatile, uncertain, complex and changing environments. We will wait for you!

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