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Digital Marketing and Social Media Events

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Digital Marketing and Social Media Events

In this sector, continuous training is very important, since things are constantly changing and you must know how to adapt and what you should adapt.

One of the best ways to do this is by attending events where professionals tell you what these news are and how you can adapt to them. And for this, it is essential to know the essential events and their dates.Do you know the dates of the most interesting Digital Marketing events and congresses? Take your agenda and point ✏CLICK TO TWEET
Many of these events do not have a confirmed date yet, but I will update the content so that no interesting date escapes us.You may also be interested in:What is Digital Marketing and what are its benefits
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Books on digital marketing, social media and entrepreneurship
Post index [ show ]Digital marketing events in January 2021
DSM Publicidad (January 26 and 27, Online)
It is a free event organized by Miguel Florido and his Marketing and Web school dedicated to online advertising.

In it you can listen to speakers such as Maggie Rojano, Pedro Rojas, Cova Díaz, Fran Murillo, Anaís Soria, Nagore Barroco, Rubén de Gracia, Carlos Pinzón, Álvaro Fontela, Guillermo Pardo, Víctor Campuzano, Geni Ramos and the organizer Miguel Florido.

Web: DSMPublicidad

CMDay Jaén (January 28, Online)
This Digital Marketing congress is a highly recommended event for Community Managers. In this ninth edition, you will be able to listen to Juan Pablo Tejela (Metricool) and Lucía Fernández.

Web: CMDay Jaén

Marketing Rocks (January 29, Online)
This is an event on Marketing organized by Nadia Nemer. In this fifth edition you will be able to listen online to speakers such as Ana Pedroche, Antonio G., Èlia Guardiola, Eli Romero, Geni Ramos, Javi Pastor, Lorena García, Nadia Nemer and Pablo F. Iglesias.Web: Marketing RocksDigital marketing events in February 2021
Digital Marketing & Growth Day (February 25, Online)
It is an event organized by IEBS to inspire you with the help of leading experts in digital marketing, Growth Hacking and Growth Strategy, and discover the reference success stories.Web: Digital Marketing & Growth Day

MK Open (February 25, Online)
It is an event where you can learn the keys to digital transformation and proven strategies to boost your digital company.Web: MK OpenDigital marketing events in March 2021
Eduketing (March 4 and 5, Valencia)
It is an international conference on Educational Marketing, focused on education professionals, where you can enjoy two days of training with professionals from the sector.Web: Eduketing

Digital marketing events in April 2021
Innova Bilbao (April 16 and 17, Bilbao)
In this event, you will be able to learn about digital business, new technologies, economy, communication, Internet or entrepreneurship with the best professionals in our country.Web: Innova Bilbao

Extremeño Congress of Digital Marketing CEMD2021 (April 27, Online)
It is an event held in Extremadura for digital marketing.

This year 2021 will be online and free, and the speakers will be Marcos Blanco, Gloria Diez, Ilde Cortés, Nacho Torre, Jorge González, Ana Ivars, José Carlos Cortizo, Víctor Fernández, Xavier Llavalos, Isabel Romero, Rubén Máñez, Miguel Florido, Juanma Varo, Fares Kameli, Álvaro Fontela and Geni Ramos.Web: CEMD2021

Position 21 (April 27 and 28, Online)
It is a free and 100% digital congress, organized by JF-Digital and José Facchin, in which you can enjoy 2 days of online training with great professionals in the sector.

Normally, it usually starts around 1:00 p.m. (Spain) so that if you are in Latin America you can connect to the event.Web: Position 21

Digital marketing events in May 2021
PRO Marketing Day (May 22, Madrid)
This congress is organized by Aula CM and Marketing.tv and it is a different event, in which you can enjoy short and applicable presentations on different topics of digital marketing. In addition, the ticket includes the videos of the presentations of the previous editions (this will be the fourth edition of the event).

This year you will see as speakers Yellow Mellow, Michenlo, Maïder Tomasena, Aleyda Solis, Clara Soler, Las raras, Gemma Fillol, MJ Cachón, Begoña de Antón, Sergio Falcón, Ernesto Bustamante, Álex Novoa and Álvaro Bueno. In addition, Arkano and Alicia Senovilla will also be there.Web: PRO Marketing Day

Formentera 2.0 (May 27-30, Formentera)
This event on digital culture, new technologies and communication is held in different locations on the island of Formentera. You can enjoy 4 days of learning and networking.Web: Formentera 2.0

Digital marketing events in June 2021
eCongress Málaga (June 19, Online)
It is one of the largest eCommerce, Social Media and Digital Marketing congress in southern Europe and has 12 conferences from the best professionals in the sector, 6 free workshops, a stand area and networking with a Victoria beer.

This 2021 is held online and will feature speakers such as Rodolfo Carpinter, Miguel Ángel Trabado, Jorge Branger, Philippe González, Fernando Cebolla, Sonia Duro Limia, Jessica Quero, Rafa Sospedra or Amalia López Acera, among others.Web: eCongress Málaga

ECongress Malaga 2021 event
Digital marketing events in July 2021
The eShow (July 7 and 8, Barcelona)
It is an international event that takes place in Barcelona every year and brings together eCommerce and Digital Marketing professionals.Web: eShow Barcelona

Digital marketing events in September 2021
National Marketing Awards (September 16, Madrid)
The Spanish Marketing Association awards national awards to the best brand, innovation, social marketing, LATAM internationalization, Startups and SMEs, the best Marketing director or professional, the business leader promoting marketing, the national award of marketing.

Web: National Marketing Awards

Digital marketing events in October 2021
eShow Madrid (October 27 and 28, Madrid)
It is the largest eCommerce and Digital Marketing fair in Spain with 250 speakers and 160 exhibitors.Web: eShow Madrid

Digital marketing events in November 2021
Expoelearning (2 – 4 November, Madrid)
It is an event specialized in eLearning, HR 4.0 and ICT, whose objective is to show the present and future of online training based on the latest trends and that has a commercial area of ​​stands that show the latest news in products and services for training projects .Web: Expoelearning

Comunica2 (November 18 and 19, Gandía)
This international congress on Social Networks is organized by the Polytechnic University of Valencia and is focused on professionals of social networks, researchers and students.Web: Comunica2

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Events for 2022
SEO On the Beach (June 17 and 18, 2022, Murcia)
It is much more than an Online Marketing congress, organized by Sico de Andrés, in which you can do Beachworking on Collados Beach in La Manga. It has great speakers, professionals from the web positioning sector and, in addition, you can enjoy the beach and the sun.

Web: SEO On the Beach

No confirmed date
Social Media Marketing Day (Barcelona)
This is the event organized for 9 years by the social media professional, Pedro Rojas, in Barcelona, ​​in which it brings together professionals from Social Media, Digital Marketing and Community Management.

In 2020 they had players like Ricard Aparicio, Mando Liussi, Álex López, Iñaki Tovar, Selva Orejón, Álvaro Fontela, Lluís Serra and Pedro Rojas.

Web: Social Media Marketing Day

Enae Digital Meeting (Murcia)
This event is one of the benchmark events in Murcia where you can learn new techniques and news in Digital Marketing. You will have networking, access to all the videos for a year and a complete pack of tools to put everything you have learned into practice.

Web: Enae Digital Meeting

Digital 1to1 (Sitges)
It is an event that connects companies that want to improve their digital impact with experts who can help them achieve their goals. In it, they create for you a personalized schedule of pre-established 30-minute 1to1 appointments with the companies of your interest.

Web: Digital 1to1

Online Summit on Mindset and Marketing (Online)
It is an online event, created by Erika Márquez, for female entrepreneurs in which several experts will participate and with which you can learn about everything you need to know to be a successful entrepreneur.

For a week, 33 mindset and marketing experts await you with talks, gifts and more.

And, even if the event has already passed, you can have the talks with a super offer of 2 × 1.

Web: Online Summit on Mindset and Marketing

Mindset and Marketing Summit
Web Congress (Zaragoza)
It is the tenth edition of this congress, which has 35 speakers, more than 40 hours of conferences and workshops and more than 10 hours of networking.

We still do not have a confirmed date for this event.

Web: Web Congress

Facebook F8 Developer Conference (Online)
Although in this case, it is not an event that takes place in Spain, it seems necessary to include it in the list, since it is one of the reference events for all social media professionals.

This is the event carried out by Facebook to present the news that will be implemented in its social networks: Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Web: Facebook F8 Developer Conference

Shine Woman (Online)
It is a free and online congress, organized by Mari Fernández, in which 13 great women and professionals from the mentality, marketing and business sectors participate.

To be able to see the talks by the professionals, you must register on their website and you will have access to them on the day of the event.

You can see the presentations of the 2020 edition in open on YouTube: Shine Woman

Shine Woman Event Marketing
Digital & Social Media Marketing (Online)
It is one of the best congresses in the world in Spanish, organized by Miguel Florido and the Marketing and web school, and, in addition to being online, it is free, so you have no excuse to miss it.

In it you can enjoy 2 days of presentations by the best professionals in the digital marketing sector and, if you participate in social networks, you can take some of the many gifts that are usually raffled off.

In 2020 you were able to enjoy presentations by Èlia Guardiola, Miguel Ángel Trabado, Inge Sáez, Miguel Florido, Javi Pastor, Álvaro Fontela, Carlos Pinzón, Cova Diaz, Mila Coco, Ana Trenza, Alfonso Alcántara, Álex López, Amalia López, Jessica Quero ( yes, you read correctly, I am a speaker), Rafa Sospedra, Jonathan Vélez, Oscar Aguilera, Eva Collado, Ana Ivars, Víctor Campuzano, Fernando Cebolla, Juan Pablo and Borja Gómez.

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Web: Digital & Social Media Marketing

DSM20 Digital Marketing Events
SEO Plus Congress (Alicante)
It is a congress for SEOs in which you can enjoy presentations by white hat, gray hat or black hat professionals, learning tactics that you can implement in your project to win the pulse of Google and improve your web positioning.

Web: SEO Plus Congress

PrestaShop Day Madrid (no date confirmed, Madrid)
This event is created by the PrestaShop company (CMS for online stores) and is intended for entrepreneurs, partners, agencies and developers.

If you have an online store with PrestaShop, it is an appointment that you should not miss to know all the news and get the most out of your eCommerce.

Web: PrestaShop Day Madrid

Inbound Leaders (no date confirmed)
It is a reference event on inbound and Aol Email List automation, organized by InboundCycle. You can enjoy lectures, networking and workshops.

And if you want a VIP experience, this type of ticket has a personal assistant and includes a 2-hour consultation with an Inbound Cycle specialist.

Web: Inbound Leaders

Costa de Almería Digital Day (no date confirmed, Almería)
This event is organized by a colleague from the master’s degree and digital marketing professional, Jorge Ortega. Your event brings together professionals from digital marketing and digitization, being an event for everyone.

You can enjoy this event both in person and online.

Web: Costa de Almería Digital Day

Bloggers Training (Zaragoza)
This event is for bloggers and influencers where you will learn new techniques to increase your income thanks to your blog or influencer marketing.

And if you are an agency or brand, you will be able to know how sponsorships and collaborations work and meet some influencers or bloggers who could collaborate with your project.

Web: Bloggers Training

RMC Galicia (A Coruña)
This event is organized by Raiola Networks and is a reference event that brings together the best professionals in the digital marketing sector.

You can follow this event both in person and online.

Web: RMC Galicia

Woman Rocks (Palma)
It is a meeting for entrepreneurs made by women and for women with a lot of power. Because learning to be an entrepreneur can be a bummer if you can’t find the right people to accompany you on your way to success.

If you need help, to motivate you, to inspire you and to give your brand the rhythm it needs, this is your event.

Web: Woman Rocks

Today is Marketing (Madrid)
It is one of the largest marketing and management events in Spain, with speakers from the most active companies in the sector.

You have the option of attending this event in person or online.

Web: Today is Marketing

Annual meeting of Online Marketing Agencies (Madrid)
It is a free event to which all Online Marketing agencies in Spain are invited, regardless of their size.

It has Alicia Senovilla as the presenter of the meeting and is organized by Aula CM.

Web: Annual Meeting of Online Marketing Agencies

Ecommaster (Alicante)
It is a congress in which you can learn about Electronic Commerce and Online Marketing and in which you can register your online store to get an economic award and the award for Best Ecommerce of the year in Spain.

You can also attend online.
Web: Ecommaster

DSM Valencia (Valencia)
This congress is organized by Miguel Florido and has great professionals who will teach you about digital marketing, social media, personal branding, blogging, copywritting, SEO, advertising and much more.

An essential event for professionals in the sector or people who want to learn more about marketing and that you can enjoy both in person and online.

Web: DSM Valencia

Trending Tools (Gijón)
They are a conference of social media tools, marketing, advertising and communication. Admission is free, but you have to reserve it through their website.

Web: Trending Tools

SEO salad (Zaragoza)
It is a day in which the best SEO strategies and techniques are addressed, whether you are a junior or a senior, in the hands of SEO and digital marketing professionals.

Web: SEO Salad

EMMS (Online)
It is an event organized by Doppler that mixes presentations in Spanish with presentations in English (if you do not master this quiet language, because they tend to hang the presentations translated into Spanish).


Monetize 2021 (Online)
It is a free online event organized by JF-Digital and José Facchin. Great professionals in the sector meet there to give you the keys to monetize your project, whether it is a website or an eCommerce.

Web: Monetize 2020

Personal Branding Lab Day (Online)
It is a congress in which you can enjoy 8 hours of Personal Branding, with the best professionals in the sector, in a free, participatory and inspiring online webinar format.

On its website, you can see the video of the presentations of the 2019 edition.

Web: Personal Branding Lab Day

Digital Marketing Day (Malaga)
This event has a peculiarity, and that is that it is held in special and different places (such as a brewery or a cinema), to enjoy presentations from professionals in the sector like you have never done before.

You can follow this event both in person and online.

Web: Digital Marketing Day

As you can see, there are a wide variety of events in Spain that you can go to for networking and to learn more about Digital Marketing and Social Media. And if you can’t go in person, you can attend some of them online.

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