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Determine your shipping costs

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Determine your shipping costs

The implementation of an omnichannel strategy within an ecommerce makes it possible to gain notoriety, to reach more and more prospects and to generate more orders. Here again, it is necessary to have precise monitoring between the various channels and stocks to ensure optimal logistics. Determine your shipping costs Postage and shipping costs can quickly turn out to be a real headache for businesses. However, it is precisely on the shipments and their prices that you can differentiate your online business from the competition.

It is therefore essential to think about it before making any decision. At the risk of customer leakage if your shipping costs turn out to be too high. For this, it is essential to create a price list according to several parameters and in UK Phone Number Database List according to the delivery distance from your warehouse, the weight and the volume of the package. A fairly common strategy is also to offer shipping costs beyond a certain amount purchased: you will then have to calculate the profitability of this operation. Do not hesitate to call for tenders or compare the different service providers to find the best delivery costs.

Diversify your delivery methods

Depending on your capabilities, it will be possible to negotiate lower rates and even forge strategic partnerships with a well-defined postal service. It will also be appropriate to negotiate insurance rates and late payment penalties with the delivery service. Last thing: it is essential to plan the return costs, or, at least, to clearly establish during the transaction with the customer, the person responsible for the shipping costs for a possible return of the goods. Diversifying your delivery methods means giving the prospect the choice to select the method that suits him best . If this parameter does not seem essential when setting up the logistics of its ecommerce, it is nevertheless very useful for diversifying its market shares.


And for good reason: diversifying your delivery methods means above all adapting to the many segments of consumers who buy and consume on the web. This allows different delivery methods to be offered at different cost. The delivery method can then look like this: A home de livery method, with a standard delivery time. An express delivery method, thanks to which the customer can receive his parcel in less than 24 hours. Of course, if you offer your products internationally, this express deadline will be more complex to implement. A relay point delivery method, which generally lowers costs for the customer.

Do not leave aside the packaging

Store delivery: click & collect. Very popular in France, this solution makes it possible to attract customers to the store to show them your world. Delivery adapted to fragile packages or valuables. Do not leave aside the packaging The product packaging that your customer receives is undoubtedly the main point of physical contact between your brand and your customer . The packaging is the first thing he will see when the package arrives at his house. For this reason, it is essential to take care of its packaging. Indeed, the sensation provided when the customer opens the box plays an important role in the success of the product (we can measure the importance of this parameter by watching the videos of YouTubers who test different products purchased on the web. ).

In reality, packaging is a real marketing lever that both reinforces the brand image of an ecommerce store and builds customer loyalty. In this way, an ecommerce can both highlight its values ​​(ecology for example) or the range of its products (luxury products, beauty products, etc.). Conversely, delivering a damaged package or a package with poor packaging means taking the risk of disappointing the customer upon receipt of his package … and suffering from a bad buzz on the networks, or even worse, from take a break with its consumer segment. For all these reasons, it is essential to think about the packaging process of the delivered products. What’s more, it’s generally an inexpensive method to set up.

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